Thursday, March 22, 2007


If you want find out how to adjust your attitude and therefore your day, read this. (March 22nd post). I got my emailed "Catch of the Day" when I switched on the computer this morning, and how timely it was, after the miserable time I had yesterday. What a reminder. You will not be surprised to hear that today was a good day, and it had nothing to do with chocolate either.

The phone has not stopped ringing all evening, and that could have a great deal to do with yesterday's post I suppose. In fact, that has just this minute ocurred to me. I am rather slow I admit. It is late. My entire family has called. So have a couple of friends, and one popped in for tea as well. Hmmm. The power of the blog at work. Still, it was lovely to talk to everyone, whatever the reason.

There have been a number of people talking about what friendship really means, and I have every intention of posting about this soon. There is one thing that springs to mind at the moment though, and that is something I read a while back about friendship being for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

This makes sense to me. I have had friends who came into my life and then drifted out after a while, and usually, our friendship grew out of a need. Theirs, or mine, and they were the friends for a reason. Both gained while it lasted, and then the reason faded away, and so did the friendship. Sometimes, the ending was a sad surprise, but in retrospect, the reason becomes clearer.

Then there are the friends for a season. Those are the ones whose lives follow similar paths to yours for a time. Perhaps friends made with similar interests, like sports, or school gate friends, but when the commonality vanishes, so do the friendships. Great while they last, but circumstantial friends in a way. Here for a season.

And then there are the friends for a lifetime. The ones who add so much to our lives. The ones who are there through all the highs and lows. The ones perhaps with common history. The ones who see beneath the veneer. The ones you run to when the hurting is too bad. The ones you call with joyful news. The ones who are so close, they are like family. My best friend lives in New Zealand. My closest English friend, moved to Scotland. Distance is not an issue, and never has been. The "A" list of friends shrinks as you grow older. It becomes the group of people you choose to spend time with, who challenge and encourage you, and whose faith in you is unshakeable. These are the people who you do not need to pretend with. They know who you are. Lifetime friends. I like the sound of that.

So there you have it. Just something to think about for now. I have a lot more I want to say on the subject, but this is just the start. Reason, season or lifetime. Maybe a little simplistic, but true none the less. I will be back.


meggie said...

I agree with you. I have posted about this in the past, & also a recent tribute to my Best friend. We saw each other through tough times, & good, & have been there for each other ever since we first met. I have another friend from my childhood, who is still in touch, & we still can pick up just where we left off. And of course, my mother was one of my best friends, & now my daughter is one.

Linda said...

You are a very gifted communicator Linds. I love this post. I think you've got it exactly right. There are all those different sorts of friends in our lives. I envy my Mom for her ability to make those lasting friendships. She has friends in her life that she has know for decades. It is wonderful.

Dawn said...

You've hit the nail on the head about friends. I am behind and just read yesterday - so glad today is better. But I quit teaching 35 years ago because I couldn't take it - I can't imagine doing it now the way the world is. Blessings on you!

Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoyed this post, Linds, and totally agree with it. Looking forward to more of your insight on the subject. So glad you had a good day.

Barb said...

Boy, Wednesday was not your day. I'm glad you're all better - this post about the different kinds of friendships is great. I completely agree with you about all three types of friends.

And I like your new hairstyle. It looks very casual and easy to take care of. That lump above your eye is awful, though. I can't begin to imagine how hard you must have hit that doorframe!

Morning Glory said...

This should be required reading for everyone who has a friend. This was beautiful!

Susie said...

I'll be interested in reading more of what you have to say on this subject.
Having lived in the same town all my life, I find that more of my friends fall into the "friends for a lifetime" category.
Great post..

Jungle Mom said...

Thought provoking. I enjoy people I dont need to pretend with. So relaxing to be with friends that accept you as you are.