Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mothers Day

I have reclaimed my youngest son. I have a large cup of coffee, which appeared without any request. Now Mothers Day can really begin! I am retiring to the rocking chair for another snooze.

And that Arctic wind is blowing and all of a sudden the predicted snow looks a real possibility.


Penless Thoughts said...

Enjoy your coffee and your snooze!!
Don't mess up the new do!

Morning Glory said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Dawn said...

Okay - I'm 3 days behind. How did that happen? I love the picture you took of yourself - whenever I do that, it turns out horribly and I just cringe and delete immediately. The new style looks wonderful. I was expecting REALLY short.

Happy Mother's Day! Ours will be in about 6 weeks, I think. My son will be here for it this year, which will be wonderful.

Snow?? That will be something. Keep us posted!

Lee-ann said...

Hello Linds, I have never visited your blog before but have seen you on many that I do visit.

I am so pleased I dropped in today, your posts are so interesting and full of life and infact we have similar outlooks about our lives so It will be lovely to visit you again.

see you soon.
best wishes from Australia Lee-ann