Thursday, March 08, 2007

Something new!

Morning Glory and Lei are starting a new twice monthly writing forum called Woman to Woman, and the first one is next Tuesday. Go and read all about it, and join in!

I have PLENTY to say on the subject of aging. I do believe I have touched on this subject before. I am an authority on it. And just today I was telling a friend that I had spoken to my sister and warned her that I look a lot older and greyer than I did last summer, and said friend said..... well that is to be expected. WHAT?????? It must be worse than I thought. She should have said...what nonsense. I am doomed. I feel 110 and obviously look it too. I will shut up now or I will have nothing to pontificate about in a wise and experienced fashion on Tuesday. Or should that read wizened...... wrinkly.......

I am watching a programme on TV at the moment which aims to make you look 10 years younger. They ask what kind of style you have. Huh? Style? Yes. Well. Hmmm. I don't know when last I considered a style. For me. STYLE? How do I shop? I don't. What do I look for? Clothes, you imbecile....things to cover me. (Note to self. Go and find a style.) This 10 years younger thing seems to involve plastic surgery. This is too hard. I am switching channels.

I can't believe that there are only 3 weeks till the end of term, and Easter holidays. Weeks fly by, filled with the minutiae of ordinary life. Getting the cars MOTed, food shopping, David, work, preparation, meetings, laundry, cooking, house group, friends, church, and all the rest. This is my life flying by. I need to remember that sometimes.


Today the first daffodil bloomed in my garden. Spring is on the way!


Morning Glory said...

I'm eagerly awaiting anything to bloom in my yard. Spring is teasing us, but I have hope it's going to make it yet.

Thanks for the great promo for our writing event. I think it's going to be fun.

Style? We're supposed to have a style? At our age? Quick -- do change that channel!!

Diana said...

I did actually see a small bunch of crocus coming up in a neighbor's yard this afternoon. Bright yellow against the mostly brown grass. It was so beautiful after this long, cold winter! Spring may be coming after all.

Here in the states advertisers pretty much quit aiming fashions at the over 50 crowd. I am finding it quite liberating not to have the fashion boys telling me what I should be wearing this season. I'm dressing for comfort from now on. Can we make that the new style?

Linda said...

I'm going to plant daffodils next year. They are so cheerful.
I know what you mean about this aging thing. We'll save it for next tuesday...

Penless Thoughts said...

We have daffodils coming up in our pansy flower bed. The first signs of Spring!!!

Isabelle said...

We have daffodils here in Scotland, and various other small bulbs too. Lovely!

I do enjoy your writing. Your town sounds wonderful - you almost have me packing my bags to move there. Amd I love the way you write about your children; my three, too, are very different from each other.

I'm suffering a lot at the (rather likely) prospect of my younger daughter moving to London. She's 25 so it would be perfectly reasonable, but I really hate the thought. I so admire your stoicism about your Diana being in NZ. Have a nice weekend.