Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunshine, smiles and memories

  1. The sun shone today
  2. I stopped to see a friend on the way home and played with the babes a bit
  3. I smiled at my son when he came home and we had a chat that was happy
  4. I visited another friend this evening
  5. My lesson plans are ready for this week
  6. School holidays start on Friday
  7. I bought a cheesecake (on offer!)
  8. I am seeing friends tomorrow to make plans for Spring Harvest

See...... I am working on it after all.

31 years ago tomorrow, I got married. It was an unbelievably hot day, and I remember that my makeup melted twice before the ceremony, which was in the morning. The reception was in my parents' garden, and it was a stunning day. There is a photo in my woman to woman post for Tuesday 13th March. A lifetime ago. My dress was made of French lace, by the same designer who made my mother's wedding dress, and I remember how wonderful it felt to have a train. The official photos are all very stilted in a way, but my sister's friend took informal photos as a wedding gift, and there is a wonderful photo of me running along the side of the pool,with my dress billowing out behind me. I must find it to show you. It is somewhere in the black hole of the study, I think. Auntie Myra made the wedding cake, and Mum and her friends did the flowers on the tables, and with all the sunshades up, the garden was spectacular. My uncle had spent weeks getting it all perfect for the day.I was 21 and Geoff had just turned 33. It was the perfect, casual, informal reception, and in the end, Dad suggested we leave as they were running out of food and drink..... this was after morning tea, a wonderful buffet lunch, afternoon tea, and evening drinks. No-one wanted to leave. Sometimes it seems as though it was just yesterday. And sometimes a million years ago.

When Andrew and Ann got married in 2003, their wedding was just as wonderful, and the reception was also in a garden, but this one was in Switzerland. I will post about this soon. It was a magical time.


Isabelle said...

What lovely memories, but of course also sad ones, in the circumstances. Having now read a lot of your archives (but not all yet) I think you're amazing. What a positive attitude, most of the time. I sometimes find it a bit hard at the moment to be positive, but you inspire me. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Jungle Mom said...

It sounds lovely! Great memories.

Dawn said...

I just read yesterday and today, and am feeling like I can't imagine how you are doing all you're doing, with trying to get through the first year of adjustment without your partner. I think you're doing amazingly well! Especially with your anniversary tomorrow. Bless you!

You're right about the squishy grandma thing!

Morning Glory said...

Linds, you have the most wonderful way of sharing your memories. I hope tomorrow holds a specialness of its own for you.

I will look forward to seeing the picture of you running by the pool. The one you posted on the 13th was really lovely!

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you've had a nice day and making good plans.

Your wedding sounds delightful. I love the dress billowing in the wind. Will be eager to see it.

Linda said...

Good for you Linds. It sounds to me like you're doing very well.
My daughter, who isn't married yet, says she can't imagine getting married indoors. So I hope for a garden wedding some day too. Yours sounds lovely. I'm so glad you have such beautiful memories. I'd love to see that picture when you "unearth" it :-)
Have another great day tomorrow.

Heidi said...

I'm so hormonal that just thinking about what you are going through (have gone through) is amazing to me and leaves me very teary. Your memories are beautiful and I hope you keep that special feeling in your heart for all of tomorrow!

Loves, hugs and prayers!

meggie said...

Cheers to you Linds.
Hugs through the blogosphere.

Susie said...

Counting the small blessings help when times are tough. I hope your wonderful memories help you get through what is bound to be a very emotional day for you..