Monday, June 04, 2007

I am a crone

I had a bath last night. This is a normal thing for me. I LOVE reading in the bath, and I cannot get into bed without having a bath. No matter what the time may be. I need to have a bath. Anyway..... the bath is incidental to my story. I got out of the bath last night, and bent over to dry my legs. And trapped a nerve or did something to my back. I stood there, bent double trying to move without screeching the house down. It took forever. I crawled into bed, and thought, ok then, it will be fine in the morning.


The alarm went off at the normal time, and I tried to get out of bed. Shall I move that leg? Nooooooo, maybe not. Toe? I don't think so. Other leg? Oh no. Hyperventilating. It is like losing the power-steering on the car. It took me 45 mins to get out of bed, and another 15 to get into my clothes. Then came the stairs. Not a great idea. I levered myself into the car and went to work. I am tough like that. (Insane, really.) And I have done my crone impersonation all day. Agony. I had a full day of teaching, and predictably, all my classes were less than enchanted to be back at school, and perfectly awful.

And then I was told that we were doing something wrong in the course work, even though we are following the board guidelines, and using their exemplar coursework to teach. So all in all, a hideous day. My daily reading this morning said to be kind to myself. I should have got back into bed and stayed there.


His Singer said...


I see a chiropractor in your future, m'dear!

Hmmm...think it could've come from working in the allotment?

LOVED the photos yesterday!

Susie said...

I've had that happen to my back, and nothing really seems to help. I know that spending the day laying around isn't an option, and even that doesn't always help!
Sending a prayer for a quick get well!

momrn2 said...

Oh I'm so sorry! I hope you start feeling better SOON!

Linda said...

Linds - I am so sorry. I think you should stay home and get that taken care of. Praying you are better very soon.

Morning Glory said...

It seems to be the season for bad backs. Mine was a misery last week and still isn't quite normal.

I think you should have gotten back in bed and spent your first day of the new term there. I hope you feel better VERY soon.

PEA said...

Oh dear, that doesn't sound good at all! I would go see the doctor for some muscle relaxants or something to help you along!! I do hope your back is better sooner than later! xox

meggie said...

Dont mess with Backs!!
Go to a Dr, get some rest & be kind to you!
Just think about it- if that was someone you love, wouldnt you tell them to take it slow, & make sure they recovered? Well... here's a chance to prove you love you!

At A Hen's Pace said...

Oh dear...praying for that back!

Congrats on your birthday and your new digital camera--do I sniff a connection?

:) It's good to be good to yourself.

Lovely photos--looking forward to more--


Hungry Hippo said...

How is the back? Any better?

Dawn said...

Back pain is the worst. I hope it's better! But I agree that you should have used a sick day! Stress seems to be one thing that really hurts the back - seems as though you have had it aplenty. Maybe the thought of going back to that stress was just too much!

Crystal said...

Oh, I hope your back is better by now! Take care, my friend! I'm off to have a bath after a long, busy day.

Dawn said...

I hope you're doing better! I think maybe not since you haven't posted for a couple of days.

Lori said...

Oh no! Back pain is horrible. I hope you are doing better. You must be a strong woman. If I had that happen to me lay you a bet I would not have made it to work! Hope everything is alright.

Hungry Hippo said...

Get well soon, it sounds like when I hurt my neck only 100 times worse.