Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lazy days......

Here is a photo of my hosta. It is growing in an old metal wheelbarrow, and it grows larger each year. And here is one of my favourite roses. We have a tradition of planting roses to mark special events, and my garden is full of them. They are all starting to bloom at the moment, so the scent is wonderful as you walk around.

I like weekends, when I have nothing planned. I can be lazy. This past week has been rather fraught with backache, sick days, inspections, parents' evenings and observations. But the weekend is here, and the sun is shining and I have been down to the allotment with David to water and weed. There was supposed to be rain, so I was hoping to evade the watering etc, but alas, none fell. Rain is very convenient when I have a great deal to water!

The potatoes are growing beautifully, and it all looks ok, if a little droopy. The water should sort the droop though. And the anti-bunny barricade is holding. I am an impatient gardener. I want to eat the things I am growing. Now would be good.

I have nothing inspiring to relate. My mind is mush. Diana and Katherine are arriving in Auckland to stay with my best friend tomorrow. Linds (yes, we are both Linds) and I met in university residence back in the old days. When we were 17. And have remained the best of all best friends ever since, even though continents and oceans separate us. It is wonderful to know she is close by should Diana ever need someone. She is her godmother. We had our babies at the same time, delivered by the same doctor, so timed our checkup visits together so we could chat in the waiting room. I will have to write about her sometime too. She is amazing.

I will add some photos later when I get to the main computer. My son has claimed squatter's rights to it at the moment. Loosely translated, that means I need to rise in the early hours if I want to use it. But you will be dazzled by my potato plants. Oh yes you will.


meggie said...

So glad you have some sun, & seem to be feeling better.

Linda said...

Hi Linds,
I'm having a bit of trouble trying to leave a comment. Hope this works!!
A restful weekend is a huge blessing. I hope you get to really rest and relax.
The garden sounds like it's coming along. My Dad has planted potatoes this year too. They aren't ready yet, but he's been getting lots of lettuce and herbs and a few tomatoes.
What a wonderful friendship Linds. They really are one of life's best blessings.
Have a great day!!
P.S. I've been praying for you - hope you're feeling better.

Crystal said...

I'm the same kind of gardener as you are - impatient! My little seedlings are much smaller than yours but time will work its miracles here too. I'm battling the thistles - they are really pesky! It's so calming to know that our children have other adults who care for them, isn't it?