Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am here.......

Another week gone by nearly. And the rain has not stopped. Parts of England are having dreadful flooding. I am fine. I live on a hill. But the rain......... I am so sick of rain. The allotment is a swamp. I should have grown rice. Paddy fields. Now there is a thought.

I have survived another school inspection today. I have all my marking up to date. I have a stunning display up in the classroom. I have eaten too many biscuits. It is clearly the new Boss Lady's fault. We never had biscuits before, or rarely, and now she has arrived, is reed slim, and loves biscuits. We get biscuits (cookies to my American friends.... your biscuits are our rolls) in abundance now. I need to avoid the staffroom, or I will morph into a blob of epic proportions. Don't talk to me about will power. I ate mine.

What else........ did I mention the rain? And the fact that I had to switch on the heating again yesterday? It is the end of JUNE. It is summer. Wimbeldon is on. In the rain. It is 6 degrees right now, and more foul weather is forecast for the next 5 days.

So let's recap:
  1. We have a new Prime Minister.

  2. Rain
  3. Inspectors at work

  4. Rain

  5. Tennis
  6. Rain

  7. Biscuits

  8. And that would be rain again

  9. Wonderfully supportive messages

  10. More rain

  11. Many things to be thankful for
  12. Except for the rain

I have a wonderful meme to do, after His Singer nominated me for a Blogger Reflection Award. What a lovely surprise, and I am so honoured. I have gained so much from all my super blogging friends all over the place. So much. And I have so many people to choose from to nominate, that it will be hard to settle on just 5. I will post that soon, and I also need to do the Woman to Woman post for Morning Glory about quotes too. I will be late.

As you can see, I am here. I am reading your posts, but am trying to take a little while to reflect too. Work gets in the way a little too much at times. But your messages have been so amazing, and I am truly touched by the love and care you have shown me. I am one very lucky lady.

(I have no idea why there are big gaps in this post. Blogger is misbehaving.)


Dawn said...

I came over to tell you I have also given you the Reflection Award - well deserved! Check it out.

Dawn said...

I forgot to say that you gave me a good chuckle today!

Diana Langdon said...

I am dissapointed that my boots are too narrow to fit my hot water bottle down them. Also keep burning my thighs with the heat from it, so am off to make a cover! Hoorah! I'll swap the rain if it warms up a bit?!

Dee said...

Just found your blog -- great writing!!! D

Linda said...

You always make me smile Linds. We seem to be having the same weather as you. Gets a bit old after a while.
I think you must have wowed them with your classroom. And I know what you mean about will power. I am sitting here thinking about getting a chocolate bar with almonds - I think I will. That was easy.
Keep dry. I'm praying for Linds.

Susie said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award Linds.
A bit of moderation on the rain might be in order!
I knew biscuits meant cookies. My Australian SIL has always called them that..
Taking time to reflect is a good thing!

Crystal said...

My daughter and son-in-law have left Poland and come over to Great Britain for a holiday. They were at Wimbledon on Tuesday and had a lovely time - they were glad the rain held off!
Hopefully the sun will reappear soon. In our staffroom, it's donuts lately! The bakery uptown makes such yummy ones and they come still warm, with glaze - oh, they are irresistible!! Two more days and I'm on summer vacation - hope your's comes soon too.

Barb said...

Hi Linds,

I just heard about Tony Blair stepping down last night. I was shocked!

I'm here to congratulate you again and remind you that you need to email me and let me know where to send your recipe packet. I can't find an email address for you anywhere so help me out please. LOL

See? I told you sending it to the United Kingdom wouldn't be a problem. Might take six months for it to get to you but you'll get it!


Tee said...

Just found your blog from your comment over at BooMama's. Please send us some rain. We are in severe drought in the southern part of the US. We are praying for rain. There is talk of rationing of water of one of the western counties in Georgia. BYW, our pastor is from Brighton. We love him!

Jan said...

We are having lots of rain in Texas too--and a lot of flooding. The flash floods are the worst--people don't have enough warning to get out in time.
Seems like those of us who are getting rain have too much, while others are in a drought situation.
Thanks for visiting my blog

PEA said...

I think I ate my willpower too! Sigh! hehe Ugh, I don't envy you all that rain...some parts of the world are in drought condition and other parts are'd think Mother Nature would be nice enough to even things out?? We had some really hot days and now it's much was only 8c this morning but now it's made it's way up to 17c. I do prefer that to the +32c we'd been having! Between biscuits and rain...I sympathize with you! lol xoxo

Marc and Charity said...

Hi, I found your blog from another one and thought I'd say hi! I'm from Texas, but living in Wales with my hubby and 2 little girls. I'm looking forward to reading around here.