Friday, June 15, 2007

Semi finals

Ok, I am trying to load something from YouTube. My son is about to go out, so I want to do it before he goes. I hope.

Last night was the semi-finals from Britain's got talent, and the ordinary man was back. He swept into the finals on Sunday and mesmerised us all yet again. Wow.

And please note that at the end, all the judges were on their feet!

It has been an exhausting day at work, but now it is the weekend. The rain continues to fall. Most notably, just as I was on gate duty at the end of school, far away from shelter and without an umbrella. You do not want to know what I look like. We came perilously close to a wet T-shirt competition. Not good.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Dawn said...

I'm trying to comment, and my daughter's name keeps coming up, so it's really me, Dawn. I've deleted two comments, as you can see, but am still having the same problem. Let's try again. I'll not try again, just know it's me.

Wow, I have the shivers! I can't wait to hear him in the finals. Is there anyone else even near his talent?

Thanks for letting us get in on this. It is much different from the pop music in American Idol.

I hope he can get his teeth fixed, like Elliot Yamin did after he came in 3rd place in last year's AI. He really looks great for his album and tour.

He's really good - especially this last song. Beautiful.

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for sharing this YouTube with us so I could be blessed with this voice. What a wonderful story = coming from no where and he will soon be singing all over the world :o)

His Singer said...


Congratulations, my friend! You've learned something new. I'm proud of you, and amazed at this man's voice. Thank you for sharing.

Morning Glory said...

Wow!! He's just amazing and leaves me with tears.

TaunaLen said...

Wow, amazing again. Please keep posting how this man does in the competition. I can't get anything of the show here in the states, and have to wait until it shows up on YouTube. Thanks!


TaunaLen said...

Re: your comment: Is there something I need to do to unblock something so you can comment? I'm fairly new to blogger, but I hate the thought of someone wanting to comment and not being able to, when I could have done something to fix it.


TaunaLen said...

Oh! I'm such a dummy - I get the blogger block thing now. I found your comment on my site - I'd previously read it in an email. YOu should order the Writer's Remedy bottle. It's great!


meggie said...

Thank you for posting that! I LOVE that beautiful, humble man's voice.
Sorry you got soaked!

Anonymous said...

Great job on downloading You Tube!!! I am so proud of you!! The one thing I like about blogging (among many) that it challenges me technically...I cannot believe how familar I have become with computers and the inner workings of a 'template' certainly keeps those neurons firing...which BTW is a good preventative against aging ;)