Saturday, June 30, 2007

A wonderful gift from a great friend

Well well well....... Rockin' Girl Blogger. Me. What????? I am grinning from ear to ear at the thought. Rockin' Girl Blogger. Diana???????? Do you hear that? Your mother is a Rockin' Girl Blogger! My lovely friend, Susan has given me this award. I am really thrilled to bits, but I do feel my wardrobe needs a re-vamp. The 16 year old girls I teach could help. Or maybe not.

Receiving awards like this gives me such a lovely warm feeling, both of being a part of a community and also of being a friend. So let's rock then, girls........
  1. BooMama - of course. She may still be rocking around her kitchen as I speak.
  2. Danielle - because she absolutely rocks. (And her daughter will be amused!)
  3. His singer - because she has a wonderful caring heart.
  4. Dawn - because she is becoming a dear friend, and shares so much with us.
  5. Pea - because she keeps me smiling and takes me on tours of Canada.

I am out of profound things to say. Just all know I think you are great and you add a new dimension to my life. Rockin' Girl Bloggers .......... I need a badge.


PEA said...

Pass me a tissue please...I always cry when someone thinks of me for an award!! What can I say...thank you so much, Linds, I'm so touched that you actually enjoy coming to visit my blog!! lol Congratulations on your own certainly deserve it, you are such a joy!!! xoxo

His Singer said...

Linds, you are too good to me!

Ain't it grand to know we chicks over 50 can still rock the house? :0)

Rock on, my friend!

Linda said...

You rock girl!!! Congratulations on your award.

Penless Thoughts said...

for you badge you need to put up the Pink Rockin' Girl Award bar on your sidebar.

Dawn said...

I'm like you, Linds, never expecting to receive this one! Thanks a bunch.

I hope you're relaxing and regrouping this week-end!

BooMama said...

Thanks, Linds! I appreciate it so much - and you rock, too. :-)

Susie said...

Hi Linds!
You do rock! You are so deserving of this award, as well as many others. Your posts never fail to make me so glad I visited you!