Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Mothering Sunday!

It is Mothering Sunday today...... that is what they call it here in the UK. It is Mother's day, just not in May like it is in the rest of the world. Usually, with a bizarre quirk of fate, it happens on the Sunday the clocks leap forward, meaning that on MOTHER'S DAY of all days, all mothers get one hour less sleep. How cruel is that, I ask. This year, our clocks only do the leaping bit at the end of the month, however, so mums all over the land actually had that hour to languish in comfort and await breakfast in bed.

Well, they would if they had any children at home, which I do not. (Said with a grin, kids!) I raised them right and they flew away. So, I decided to go for a walk. I started off in the direction of the countryside, but the wind decided to do a hurricane impersonation, and the hair obscured everything, so I sensibly walked into the wind. Which led me down into the village and our newest coffee shop. I smelled the coffee, people. And I headed for my table (I appropriate things on the strength of one visit) and was delighted to see friends there too. Apparently the restaurant has been chaotically busy today, but I sampled a chocolate brownie and drank 2 cups of coffee and we chatted, and it was all good. They left, and I discovered that my young friend, Kat, had paid for my coffee as well. How sweet was that!

And so I walked home. Hair standing on end in the wind. But the sun is still trying to shine now and then, and I can tick the exercise box for today. The daffodils are growing taller, and I actually saw a couple in bloom in some gardens. The crocuses are open, and soon there will be a riot of colour in the gardens. "They" say that this spring is going to be spectacular. I suspect "they " are right.

Happy Mothering Sunday / Mother's Day to all my UK friends!


Vee said...

Happy Mothering Sunday! Your walk to the village sounds fabulous and that you found friends, coffee, and a brownie are just the icing on the cake.

Hope that "they" are right about an amazing spring.

We are in the throes of dealing with losing an hour's sleep. Nan is still abed and I am most hopeful that the clicking of the keys may waken her...who am I kidding? She can't hear the clicking of the keys. I'm going to have to do much more rustling than this.

Have a happy evening, too!

Olson Family said...

I'm glad I checked your post - had no idea that the UK switched their time this weekend along with the US. We are still on the "old" schedule - I think next week or following? It would make sense if we all did it at once, wouldn't it?

Linds said...

Susan, the UK is in line with Europe - we don't switch till the end of the month. The States leapt forward last night or this morning!

Crystal said...

Canada leapt forward overnight too - seems very early this year but we'll adjust, I guess. Your day sounds like the next best thing to having your own kids come home. There are no flowers anywhere in sight in gardens around here. Enjoy for me too, please! Happy Day to you, Linds :))

Dawn said...

I really wish we didn't do the clock change thing ever. I really don't like changing all the clocks twice a year, and it takes so much time to adjust, especially this spring one.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

DC spent the last two days cleaning out the flower beds of winter junk - there are many green things shooting up!