Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring can't make up its mind....

Spring vanished yesterday. I was less than impressed, and spent the day adding more layers every time I took the Roof Man more tea. I ended up looking like the goodyear blimp, but it worked and I did not freeze. And he finished the roof, so I am not going to have collapsing ceilings. The piggy bank has anorexia, though. Ah well.....

Today the sun is shining again. Excellent. It can stay. Hmmm. I just looked outside and it is gone again. SPRING!!! COME BACK!! The slowcooker is on as I speak with some random concoction simmering away for supper tonight, and Jean is going to pop in for tea sometime this morning. I skyped with Missy yesterday and she is toddling all over the place. If she thinks about what she is doing, she tends to reach out or plop down on her bottom, but she is walking beautifully. She "made me tea" and offered me a cup. I would be the big head on the tv screen. Such fun. And she is babbling away trying to talk too.

This week, our family has grown by 2. My cousin's son, who grew up with Andrew and they did everything together when they were little - well, he and his wife had a little daughter, and the next day, my sister's niece and her husband had a little daughter as well. Remember Hannah? The little one in Switzerland who died? She would have been a big sister now. Such joy and celebration. And so many little girls! I love it. Maybe I need to make more hats.

Yesterday the hospital where Geoff died was back in the news. They have suspended all paediatric cardiac operations, after a spate of deaths. I am wondering when someone is going to ask a question of the hospital authorities re Labcor valves, washing procedures and many deaths. I emailed my lawyer this morning and suggested now would be a good time to ask some questions at press meetings. Sigh. Maybe I just need to get the in car and go and ask them myself. I can't tell you how many emails and calls and texts I have had from friends all round the world saying " Did you see that? What is happening?"

Surrendering control, or what seems like "the battle", and letting someone fight for me is proving to be harder than I anticipated. My lawyer has a big caseload. I just had one. Mine. And that colours the way I see things, of course, and what I do. I spent a great deal of yesterday doing more research. It is hard to stop. I think of questions, and then I am off and running again. And interestingly, if you google Labcor valves, guess what comes up on the first page??? Hahahaha. Rocking Chair Reflections. Excellent. Although the problem is not so much with the valves as with the washing procedure. Which, it appears, was not followed. And there goes the brain again - off and racing. Be still and know..... yes, I get it. I am trying.

On a totally different note, can you believe I left my stripey wrist warmers in Switzerland?? I know exactly where they were. They fell on the floor under the dining room table and I never got down and picked them up. Now I think of them longingly as the fingers are freezing, and groan.

2 hours later.....
Jean and a packet of hot cross buns came for tea. That stopped the brain from racing down alleyways it would be best to avoid at the moment. She has gone now, and the hot cross buns are history. Toasted. With butter. Delicious! The sun, might I add, has also gone. We have divided up the seed stash. I now have 8 broadbean seeds in the growbag. I am planting in stages, so things keep growing. So in a few weeks, more broadbeans will go in. This necessitates A Plan. For the garden. I will never remember when I planted what where otherwise. And it doesn't matter if the sun is out or not, at least planning makes it seem like Spring!


Dawn said...

It was spring here yesterday and I was in bed, near the bathroom, all day. So much I intended to do on my first day alone in many days. I haven't been that sick in a long time.

So I hope this thing gets settled soon and the had questions are asked!

I don't remember the story about Hannah - strange.

Needled Mom said...

Planting and hot cross buns.....definitely signs of spring!!!!

I can well imagine how difficult it must be to sit back while all of this is going on at the hospital where Geoff died. I, too, would be wanting to be the world crier. Certainly this will be a bad mark that will not be forgotten.

Glad the roof is repaired and you are now safe from a roof collapse. I am sure it will also help to keep you warmer!

Those little girls are going to have so much fun together. All girls and lots of tea paties and dolls!!!!!

Vee said...

Yes, of have the one mission and the lawyer has the news again, eh? Hmmm...yes, now would be the time. Praying.

Congrats on the growing family.

Congrats on Missy the wonder grandgirlie who knows how to serve tea already!

Spring is like that.

Hugs to you!!

The Bookworm said...

I thought of you when I read that story yesterday.

Happier things ... baby girls are just wonderful :). How lovely to have three of them in the family. And it is a shame to have left the wristwarmers, but also a good excuse to make some more.

Isabelle said...

The sun's been out here too but it's not exactly springlike all the same. Brrr!