Thursday, March 18, 2010

Swans and another week nearly over.....

Diana is trying to adjust to life with crutches, and arms, she says, of steel by the end of this. It is the small things which drive you crackers - like how to carry a cup of tea. How to get out of the shower. How to do just about anything, and not being able to put any weight on her leg complicates life considerably, of course. She will wait to see the spcialist before she makes new plans - the most important thing is for her to heal as soon as possible. Thank you all so much for your prayers and love and support. You are stars!

And thank you too, to Morning Glory, who fiddled about and made my header. Another real star. Not to mention a genius of the highest order!

I have done a great deal of the wrong kind of pacing over the course of the week. I also planted 13 pots of potatoes, and filled another 6 pots with fresh soil. Finished crocheting the bag, pieced the top of the quilt, and am about to construct the little greenhouse thingy this afternoon. Jean is coming to help. Anything to keep busy. Not a good idea, but very necessary at the time. Physical exhaustion is easier to deal with than emotional exhaustion. It hurts, but that takes your mind off everything else. Or rather, it deflects it for a brief moment. So I have to tell you, Linds is not bubbly right now. Still grinning, though a trifle weakly.

Yesterday, a friend came to take me out for lunch, and on our way home, we passed a field with over 70 swans sitting down. I have never seen anything like it, and tried to take photos, but they were spread over the field, so only got little parts of the scene in each photo. Just amazing. I know there are usually a few swans down at the river, but I have never seen so many in one place before, and judging by the cars stopping to watch them, neither had other people. I left the photos up at the top of the page so you can click on them to enlarge.

That is it for now. I can't believe another week is nearly over.....


Vee said...

Diana sounds like the kind of gal who'll figure out how to brew tea while taking a shower and pour tea while dressing. If anyone can figure it out, I'm betting on her. Still, I know... As G. Gaither says and I echo, "Look for God in the interruptions."

We love swans in my corner and never see more than two or three in a public pond. How marvelous to see so many! John has been called in to look.

Take care, Linds. Hugs to you.

Needled Mom said...

I remember being on crutches and trying to get a cup of coffee. Grab a cup, move it two feet ahead, hobble to it, move it another two feet and on and on until you finally get to your spot. Okay....the coffee it practically cold by then, but you feel good because you accomplished the task!!!!

I hope she mends quickly.

Chris said...

The header is DIVINE.

You know, of course, that she will do just fine. She is a strong woman, that one. Like her mum.

And although you want to be there and take care of her and sooth all the aches and pains, it's such a good thing to know you've raised a daughter who can do this on her own, isn't it? Hooray for you, and hooray for her!

Continued prayer for both of you!