Friday, March 05, 2010


I have not left the house since Monday's trip to Bath, apart from baby sitting - sorry, CHILD sitting for an hour last night. And this has been good, because I have actually managed to do a few essentials like vacuuming the place. It takes time, you know. And the ripple blanket will be finished when I step away from this computer in a sec. The tulips I bought 3 weeks ago still grace my table in the kitchen, and I love looking at them. There is home-made bread on the counter, and the washing has been sorted. Sigh. I am looking for the positives today, people.

The post today was of the hideous variety. I was steaming mad when I opened the envelopes. I am still steaming mad, but trying to hum, and rise above it. These things are sent to try one, and believe me, I am being tried. Government depatrments populated by moronic imbeciles who cannot read letters for a start. Screech. However, I decided that discretion was called for, so refrained from calling them immediately to explode, which may have been counter-productive. Maybe I will just send the lot to the lawyer instead.

Moving on......

I took some photos of the extremely noisy robin yesterday, but they were rather dark, so I played around adjusting the exposure a little, and I love the way these 2 photos ended up. This bird is not at all afraid of me, by the way. It hops about the patio while I am out in the garden and never stops chirping away. For a tiny thing, it has a very loud voice.

So much I want to talk about. Maybe later. I will be back.


Lisa Marie said...

Ahhhh Robins, a sure sign of Spring! We haven't seen any here in our neck of the woods yet but I'm sure it wont be long before they are back.
Enjoy his song!

Vee said...

Whatever you say, Linds, say it so that it can be heard. What dolts! How lovely that a cheery little robin should come along and sing you noisy songs. Lovely pictures!

Dawn said...

No robins here yet, but I do hear birds in the background who give me hope.

Sorry about your mail today! We're ready to hear more when you're ready to share.

Love the new look! Isn't it fun to be able to change so easily??

Needled Mom said...

I love your photos too. What a pretty bird! Spring will soon be here.

Can't wait to see the ripple project!