Sunday, July 17, 2011

And the rain came down....

It is raining. The golf is on, and I sincerely hope they have waterproof jackets. Trousers. Boots. Hats. I went out to investigate the state of the water butt (full - it must have been raining a while) and was soaked, even though I had an umbrella. But oh, how we need it around here. The trouble is that the ground is so hard that it doesn't absorb the water - it bounces right off and away it runs.

Except here in my garden, where the soil is now very used to bath water, of course. I need more water butts to store all this excess water. Maybe a dam. I have even put up a couple of those flower umbrellas over some of the petunias - remember when I got them in Switzerland? There is no wind at the moment, so maybe they will stay in place and not take off for foreign parts. Petunias do not do well when drenched.

It is now 28 hours since I started writing this. I have no idea why I didn't finish it and post it yesterday. I seem to have run out of oomph. Or inspiration. You know, I read this quote this morning...." To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" - Audrey Hepburn. A lady with absolute class. And she spoke with absolute insight too. I think she knew this from experience. To plant a garden IS to believe in tomorrow, and all tomorrow brings. I see that as hope, trust, faith, optimism, anticipation and with delight. All good stuff. It really is so therapeutic, to garden. However, when it rains stair rods as it has been on and off all day, optimisim is sorely challenged.

However, I have learned that no matter how battered and bashed and blown over it gets, whether there are broken plants or dead flowers, it always always regenerates itself. Hope lives.

And as I write this, Darren Clarke is being presented with the claret cup after winning the Open (golf). He too has been battered and bashed by events in his life over the past few years, and as he said, with a grin, a minute ago, he is fine - things are fine, and they are. He has survived, and he said too that everyone has dreadful things happen to them, and they have to get through those dark times. He is on a high right now. A dream fulfilled. It took a while, but he got there.

The dream survived those dreadful days. And triumphed. And I could not be more delighted for him. Good things have happened for him. Bad things too. But even though the bad things nearly destroyed him, here he is - so so happy.

Believing in tomorrow....... how can we not?


Vee said...

And there is a lesson there for all of us. The lesson of hardness so hard that even if the rain comes, it's for naught is one of them. Or perhaps that it takes a gentle rain to wear down the hard earth so that a truth can be absorbed.

Have you noticed that things are very quiet in Blogdom? I hope that this means that many folks are busy living their summertime lives outdoors and at the beach or the mountains. I've not been on all day and yours is one of the few updated. Phew. I'm glad someone's still here.

Dawn said...

It IS quiet in blogdom - here in Colorado today it is very very humid - very very unusual, and not a change I like at all. We're heading for Maine Thursday, and I hope it'snot so hot and humid there. But it'll be fun, no matter what. We've been getting rained every night for 10 days or more - including thunder and lightening - and hail, though we've been spared that, thank goodness. We just got a new roof this spring!

Well, take care, friend, and enjoy the rain. My British family is heading here this week for our family reunion.

MotherT said...

It is precisely because it's been so quiet in blogdom, that I found your blog, Linds. What a wonderful thing!

I have always loved gardening, but these days my bad knees prevent me from doing much in that realm. I have always loved your quote by Audrey Hepburn.