Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ordinary days - and a graduation too!

I am back from aquarobics. I didn't know if I would actually go, or if, once there, I would be able to do anything except go and lounge in the spa, but Debbie  the teacher prevailed, and I survived the lesson. Just. If I do not have at least the arms of a stick insect soon, I will be seriously put out. It is hard work. It was also an escape from the seemingly never ending phone hacking saga which is dominating the airwaves. I am sick to death of it all. Bring on the happy summer news.

Tomorrow is graduation day, and I am so looking forward to seeing my youngest child graduate from university. Proud? Oh yes. He is already there, and I will be there in the morning, clutching his suit, shirt (memo to self - iron it) tie and shoes. In time for him to change, get his robes, have the photos taken and then hopefully, grab a bite to eat and take my place in the Cathedral a full hour before it starts. I may not be able to walk by the time it is over. I don't do sitting in one place for hours terribly well. But it will be such a delight to see my son up there in his cap and gown. Sigh. When did they all grow up?? It was just yesterday that he was sliding down the stairs on his stomach and demanding a power ranger outfit.

I do not have much exciting news. The days have been filled with attempts to move, a little shopping expedition for storage boxes and hangers, watering the garden and falling asleep on the couch and waking at 2am. That is the current record. Add a little washing and hoovering and the days have been filled. Slowly does it round here. In fact, now I come to think about it, isn't summer supposed to be filled with long lazy days? Now if someone could just FIND summer and send it back this way, I would be delighted. I am not happy to be wearing jerseys and fleeces right now.

But at least it is fine to sit and quilt or knit or crochet without expiring from the heat. So there is always something to be thankful for, isn't there????

Ordinary days. I like them.


Linda said...

I like them too Linds.
Congratulations on David's graduation. The time really has flown. Enjoy every minute of his special day.

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations on your son's graduation! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful day. I remember my daughter's graduation, I was so proud and very tearful, it was absolutely wonderful.

Take good care of yourself.

Vee said...

Wishing you and all the family a wonderful time as you celebrate your son's graduation. It's a wonderful achievement!

Do not worry about summer's return. It's in full force here and I'd be happy to send it off on the jet stream, but not until tomorrow is safely in the can. All that heat at graduation is highly overrated.

MotherT said...

Congratulations to your son on his graduation! So good that you will be able to attend!

I would love to try a water aerobics program. Maybe one of these days.

Edith said...

Congratulations on David's graduation! Neat. Hope you made it all the places you needed to.

As to are more than welcome to what we have here. It is excessively hot here and being outside for 15 min. means one is dripping in sweat.