Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to Bath again.....

 It was "Back to Bath Day" today, and the city, as always, was a delight. Jean, Glynis and I got there just before my first appointment, and had time for a little browsing in the lanes and byways before I deserted them, and headed for the hospital. The "Min". (The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases.) It is right in the centre of the town, so perfect for shopping before and after appointments!
 The two weeks I spent there in 2009 provided, in retrospect, a wonderful opportunity to get to know where everything was, and I certainly did that, so when I go back for appointments now with friends, I know where to go.
 One of my local friends has a sister-in-law who lives in Bath, and she told us about a really fabulous little restaurant and we went there for lunch today. Freshly prepared food. Delicious. And great coffee too!
 But I wanted to tell you about a little shop down this little alleyway. I knew it was there, because I looked it up on Google, you see. I had maps as well. A new little shop. Sandra you are going to be GREEN with envy here......
 Can you see? The Makery Emporium !!!! As detailed in Mollie Makes the new UK based craft magazine which is taking the world by storm. If you haven't got a copy yet, you need to check it out (if you can find one) asap. The 3 of us were in that door so fast, I can tell you, and each of us left clutching new treasures. It was a total delight, and I just wish I had had more time to browse. Hi, girls (from the Makery Emporium) - I told you I would be blogging about the shop! I completely forgot to get your names. Oops. Sandra - I told them all about you and gave them the link to your blog too. I also pointed out the really weird way a lady in Arizona ended up being the one to tell me, here in England, about the new UK magazine.

I had Issue 2 of Mollie Makes with me - the one which talks about the delights of Bath, and we were going to find some of those places. There was much excitement in the car - forget the hospital stuff - it was the shop we wanted to see.

I was absolutely delighted to find Washi Tape - I had seen it on Pinterest and a few blogs, and wanted to try using it, so got the 2 rolls above. And some lace tape, which I had never seen before. And some little silver hearts which say "hand made with love" on them. I was SO thrilled to find these, and believe me, if time had not been marching on, I would have bought more. Sigh. It was just lovely. 

If you watch the Mollie Makes Youtube clip, you will see Bath. I recognised it immediately. And it really is a lovely place. So many things to see. 

And so I went off to the appointments, while the girls carried on exploring. The doctors are happy with what I am doing, and I go back in a year, and if all is going well, my GP will take over then. I have new exercises, and have to massage the my knee, which will be interesting. I only touch it lightly, so deep massage could be a challenge, but then, we have had plenty of those. We talked about the podiatrist and the fact that my knee was twisting inwards, and the wretched inserts for my shoes, and gym and all the rest. There was also a reminder to vary the exercise, and not just do the aquarobics.

So. We move on slowly. There was more, of course. And so I left, absolutely drained. I fell asleep now and then on the way home, and here I am. I would love to spend a few days in Bath. Maybe one of these days I will do just that. But right now I am going to play with that tape of mine.......


Isabelle said...

Have fun with your stuff. And congratulations to David.

Anonymous said...

So pleased your appointment went ok.

I'm hoping to visit Bath later in the year when I go to stay with my sis, who doesn't live so very far away from there.

And I'll certainly be checking out that gorgeous little shop. I adore those tiny hearts!

Vee said...

Good heavens! It's as if you're speaking an entirely different language. Washi Tape? Lace Tape? Mollie Makes? What on earth is taking the world by storm? Google. I will.

Needled Mom said...

The trip sounds as though it was fabulous. I am so glad to read that you had friends to get into trouble with you. I am also glad to hear they think that progress is being made by you. It would be nice to return to Bath for a lovely "vivit" and not an appointment.

Sandra said...

OH.MY.WORD, I really am jealous. I love Mollie Makes so much, I think I would have gone bananas in that place LOL

Now I have to go browse through my Mollie Makes again LOL

So glad you had a great day, and thank you for thinking of me.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about our shop! It was lovely to meet you and your friends on your visit to Bath. I hope you've had fun with your washi tape! Hope to see you again soon, Kate @ The Makery x