Saturday, July 23, 2011

An ordinary day here, but not in Norway.....

Blogger is not behaving for me today. I can't upload a video I wanted to show you and things are just wonky. This is not unfamiliar territory, though, is it. But it does tend to raise the blood pressure just a touch. And that is an understatement, if ever there was one.

The world is going crazy. The news from Norway is just appalling. All those kids - their families..... What possesses people to do such diabolical things? Words fail me. All we have are prayers and more prayers. It is the loss of innocence which is so incredibly sad. I have the BBC news channel on, and listening to the young ones talking of their experiences just fills me with horror.

In the wake of events like the Norwegian tragedy, it seems inane to talk of ordinary things, but if ordinary life doesn't go on, these mad men win, don't they? I won't let that happen here.

Our wintery summer continues here. The US heat wave has made our international news. I suggest we combine our temps and divide them between us and we will all be happy. I could do with a little warmth here, and would really like to wear something like a T-shirt, you know. Not a fleece.

Today, one of the oldest stores in the village is closing. I listened to the owner chatting to a customer this morning, and he was pointing out that it was a very viable business, and everyone in the finance world would agree. However, the banks are not lending money to small businesses, and so small businesses are going to the wall. Very sad. I did get a few 50% off bargains though....spray paint, hooks, wooden beading and such like. But, I would rather have the shop open for many years to come than a day or two of bargains.

And then I popped in to a craft warehouse this afternoon. Well. I resisted temptation (for the most part), but am now consumed with a "have to have/want/need" wave of consumerism. This is why I NEVER go to places like this. I have a very good imagination, and I can see projects, and ideas and the whole thing sends my brain into a frenzy and usually I get all the bits, then race home, realise I am exhausted, so toss the bags in the sewing room, and forget all about them. For a year or two, and then I find them and unpack them and can't bear to use them up. This has got to stop.

I need to use them all up now.

But that doesn't stop the wanties when I see all the new and splendid things in a warehouse. Warehouses are huge. With many, many things to see. I will not return. I will not return. I will not return.

I did buy the chipboard letters I went for. The cheapest ones. (and a few balls of beautiful wool)

Is anyone else thinking of Christmas projects? I need to get my head straight here, and work out what I want to make, because the months fly by so fast. And if I am making things, they take time. I did fire up the scroll saw this week and start cutting out a gift. One. Well, it is a start at least!

Right. Garden. Water. Deadheading. I will be back........


Vee said...

Christmas? Heavens, I can't even think about bedtime today. You are doing well in the big warehouse stores though I did see that you bought some wool. Hmmm... Have you no wool? Sorry. It's a day with the grands that does it.

Blogger. Blick. I'm tired of trying to jump the hoops they spring on us.

And Norway. I am heartsick. We actually have friends traveling as a family there and so have seen the tweets about how devastated the nation is. So very sad. We live in such a crazy world.

Your garden posies are so lovely. I was looking at how you've used every possible space in your garden and I'm in awe. It's a Child's Garden of Verses all over again. Sorry. It's a day with the grands that does it.

It is a sad thing that happens to the small store owners. One of our major bookstores is going under so there is not one place where we can go to hold a book in our hands before purchasing it. I love Amazon's prices. Love them. But this is sad.

Well, we've not solved any problems today, though I'm trying with a new button in my sidebar that says, "Click to restore your blog to Old Editor." I feel as if I've done something. I am just pathetic. What I need to do is get on my knees for the sorrows in Norway.

Anonymous said...

I think we all feel a great sense of loss and sadness, as well as outrage.

I too just cannot fathom what makes people do what they do.

My heart goes out to the families of those whose lives have been so tragically cut short.

Diana Langdon said...

The garden is looking BEAUTIFUL! So much brighter without the trees from next door. I love it. Wish I could join you for a bbq xxxxx