Friday, July 15, 2011

A start......

Thank you for all your  lovely comments, people - it is lovely to see you on the screen. I have been in a bit of a slump recently. Well, that said, I went to aquarobics yesterday and by the time I got home, I just wanted to sit on the couch and let the tears flow a while. Sad, hurt, weary, the lot. Not pleasant at all.

So this morning I got up and grabbed the wire brush and started getting the old flaky paint off the railings outside. Then, with an eye on the clouds, I gave the railings a coat of paint. They needed it badly. So, I was really pleased I had got something done, until I went out later to admire my handiwork and discovered that I had missed one. Sigh. It had taken ages to get the brush cleaned not to mention the hands, and the skirt, which required 2 washes. The Tshirt has now been christened the Painting Shirt and is past help. I gave up trying to get the paint off that one. So I still have that one pointy thing to do and the whole fence will need another coat, I think. Well actually, the pointy bits need it and not the rest. The arrows. It would help if I could think of the appropriate words. You know what I mean, though. Senility is setting in.

So I was on a roll.

Once David was about, I got him to put up the ladder to the attic, and then he carried box after box downstairs for me to go through. We have sorted about 20 so far, and paintings and sports equipment too, and there are boxes for the charity shop lining my kitchen, and the recycling bin is full already, and the ordinary bin is getting there too. I have discovered more crafty things than any village could possibly need in a decade. Do NOT let me bring another thing into this house. EVER. Photos. Frames. Tools. Toys. Games. Groan.

And you know, the attic is just as crammed and it doesn't look as if I have done anything. You have NO idea how many Christmas boxes there are up there either. I could decorate the county, and have some to spare. Christmas lights????? Oh yes. Miles of them. Do they work? I have no idea yet. That delight awaits.

We will not discuss the miles of fabric either. Not metres. Miles.

So, by the end of the day, I was too tired to move, so I decided to BBQ, because I could just sit there and watch the food cook. I grabbed a handful of lettuce from the garden, a tomato and supper was done.

Some things are sorted. Little by little I will wade my way through the rest.

Right now, though, I need a nap.


Linda said...

Yes Linds, little by little. I usually make the mistake of driving myself to exhaustion to get the thing done "NOW." I start out wonderfully and end by doing a rather slapped together job because I am too tired to care.
Much better to do it this way. You've started. That's a big step in the right direction!
Have a blessed weekend - and don't over-do.

Stripeyspots said...

And you took lemons and made lemonade... :)

Vee said...

Baby steps, baby steps. Don't take apart any more than you can put back together in an hour. That's the advice I learned from FlyLady and it's worked very well for me when I am tempted to go full boar. Be as gentle with yourself as you would anyone else. Oh I hate to paint and have a number of paint jobs waiting. Ugh. I'd rather not.

Crystal said...

20 done is 20 off the list, my friend! I once read about the "Swiss cheese theory" to getting things done - do something, even 15 minutes worth - it's more than you had done before and it's a start. I use it more and more these days :) I wish I lived closer so I could sift through that fabric stash with you :)

You asked about Samuel - he was 2 in May but in so many ways seems much older! He has an incredible vocabulary and enunciates every sound. Tonight at the u-pick farm he sat on the tractor and as I named the gearshift, the throttle and the hydraulics, he repeated after me, clear as a bell! His Grampa Green is an avid golfer and he's going to get quite a surprise when he sees this little champ! The clubs were $7.99 at our local Walmart and he's had such priceless fun already.

I was thinking about you saying last post that you hardly see your children. I would have a really, really hard time with that! I know David isn't really settled yet so you can't be near him. Do you think Diana will stay in NZ? Too bad our world is so big and we have raised these wanderers! Have a lovely weekend! I must go and have strawberry shortcake before bed :)

Dawn said...

I'm not even thinking about the attic above the garage - have no idea what's up there. But my basement is the equivalent of your attic, I believe. My resolve on FB earlier this week brought naught! But there is another week coming, Lord willing. I just dread it so much. But I do need to do the 15 minute thing - or an hour - I've been advised of both.

If you want to cheer up a bit, come over and see the post about the wedding in the mountains a couple weeks ago.. Just delightful.

Helen in Switzerland said...

So pleased you've made a start Linds. It might not look as though you've made a difference, but you know you have! A little at a time gets the job done - just don't overdo it! I can't wait to see what will come next....I have the feeling you're on a path....

Jane said...

Well it's 20 more than I've done this week - and I've plenty to sort out, believe me. Take it easy!

Verification for this comment is grailip which seems appropriate to your railing painting somehow!

MotherT said...

You made a start, Hurray!!! Try not to overdo in any one day, that way you won't feel like running away and screaming the next time.

Edith said...

Vee's comment is great - don't take apart more than you can put back together in an hour. Wise words. I often end up with stacks because my energy runs out.

Anyway...continue with the baby steps...looking forward to seeing where your path goes next.