Sunday, July 10, 2011


How nice. Blogger works again, after a good few hours of "Service Unavailable Error 503". Nothing infuriates me more than things failing to work. No dashboard, no commenting, no nothing.


It is working now. All is forgiven.

I have just fallen asleep over the keyboard. It was not comfortable. I was on page 81 of Pinterest. That is what happens, you know - inspiration overload. However, I have made a decision. I need to put that inspiration into practice and get things sorted here. Enough of new ideas. New ideas would be fabulous if I had a new house, which was being built to my specifications, containing all those inspirational ideas I have amassed. We need to work with what we have, small though it may be.

Just for my American friends - a large bedroom here in an average house is about 10ft square, or 10ft x 12ft. and that does not usually have built in cupboards, so space is at a premium. My son's bedroom is 6ft wide, and about 10ft long (and 2 of those ft are occupied by a cupboard containing the hot water cylinder). The average size of American closets. This is the son who is 6ft 4" tall. So space is at a premium, to say the very least. I dream of space.

One of the things that had never ever occurred to me in  my entire life was the fact that I might not be able to walk around the outside of my house. Or that there wouldn't be windows on all four walls. My house is detached (as opposed to being joined to another one) but it stretches from boundary to boundary and the only way to the back garden is through the house. So my dreams are of windows on 4 walls and space to walk around the outside. And space and light. And..... maybe a bigger garden.

But it is home, and mine and it is fine. So I need to get it organised and get the study moved and sort the attic stuff, and hallelujah, get to the centre of my craft room. It is completely hidden by boxes of David's things, and the spring boxes, wedding paraphernalia from that wedding in May, and the bits and pieces I have acquired for Marge. I need to Make a Plan, and Get Moving.


All my friends are back now and the gardens, homes and dogs are back in their care. The gardens were alive, and so were the dogs, so mission accomplished. And today was the monthly shared lunch at Jean's with friends. We all used to go to the church in the village, but have now spread out to surrounding churches, but we still get together. We all live here, so that is really nice to maintain the contact on a regular basis. And that has been my day. Don't forget the snooze on the keyboard.

Now I am off to make another list of things to do.


Dawn said...

I'm glad things are all well with you and Blogger again. It is very frustrating when it doesn't work right.

I think you've done amazing things with your small space. My basement right now is such a mess - I must must must get down there! I keep thinking I'll do it on the next very hot day. When I have the girlies, I can't get anything done, and when they're not here, I want to do NOTHING.

I just finished watching my first episode of "Hoarders: Buried Alive" Oh, my word! Makes me feel absolutely righteous!

Vee said...

While Blogger was away, did your dashboard get changed? If you use Blogger in Draft, it did. If not, it was down so they could switch it for everyone who does. I think. That's what happened here a couple of days ago.

Thank you for the explanation of your home and the space constraints. It provides a sense of perspective. I can't imagine having to go through the house to get to the garden, which means that anything purchased for the garden, must go through the house. I'm sure that it means other things as well.

Janine (txmomx6) said...

Just sorting through things. purging un-needed items and re-organizing things (I LOVE to organize things!) is like giving my home a breath of fresh air .... for me at least.
So I'm hoping that for you. :)

Isabelle said...

I didn't notice that Blogger was away (I don't think it was for me) but welcome back, anyway!