Friday, July 29, 2011

Pottering is good....

Oh, I am really not loving all these grey and dark days. When you need to switch on the light to see what you are doing at noon at the end of July, aka SUMMER, something is wrong. I put on a Tshirt and skirt this morning. Hope springs eternal, you see....and went outside. I was back in to get changed at top speed.

However, Switzerland is worse. They are having appalling weather. Summer has not shown up at all yet, and that is disastrous for high tourist season.

So today has been a stay at home and potter sort of day, involving a little sanding, a little baking (I have made a blueberry version of that raspberry cake for the weekend), and a whole lot of relaxing. That is, after loading and reloading the dishwasher, deadheading, watering, etc etc etc. Ordinary life.

I didn't even switch on the computer till this evening. And the sky did not fall in.

I am considering a hot water bottle though. This weather is ridiculous. I am COLD.

We have had a sudden vegetable glut here in the garden. I have a huge bag of grated courgettes in the freezer now and yesterday, the French beans suddenly mass produced, so I froze a huge bag of them too. That took most of the day because just as I was about to pop them into boiling water to blanch them, I realised that I had no ice. So the whole process had to wait until I a) found the ice trays, and b) made the ice. But they got done by nightfall. The tomatoes have suddenly started ripening too, and it won't be long before I have to deal with them.

AND a friend called me yesterday to tell me that the apples were falling off the tree in the orchard, and I could have as many as I needed, the plums were ready to be picked, and the damsons would be ready in the next few days. Right. I need a huge freezer. All this free food is not going to go to waste. It all seems very early though.

Tomorrow, David and I will go and dig up potatoes at the allotment. Well.....I will sit and watch David dig them up, to be accurate. I can pour the juice to keep him going and waft about with a watering can, can't I. And examine the runner beans and other assorted veg, and contemplate where on earth I am going to store them all. David doesn't know this plan. Yet. Hahahahaha.

Now... I just need a little sun for a change.


Needled Mom said...

Isn't it a shame that it all comes in at the same time? I have often complained of that.

I surely hope you get some sunny weather before summer is over. Maybe the early warm weather in April took its place. We are cooler here too, but not as bad as last summer.

Vee said...

What has happened to summer then? I must check to see where that gulf stream has run off to.

How wonderful to be reaping so much harvest already. That is always a good feeling.

Enjoy that blueberry cake now. Perhaps I'll be by in the morning for a cup of coffee and a wee piece.