Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lazy Sundays....

Sunday already and a still warm day. The sun comes and goes, but that is just fine. I have the tennis on - I nearly forgot it was the men's final, can you believe. I want Nadal to win and as he has lost the first set, it was time for distraction. That is - visit the computer.

I just put on a load of laundry and put the soap in the softener part. Sigh. And I could not get it out. Conserving water??? We will just have to wash the stuff twice. This is very helpful, because my son has just deposited the contents of his wardrobe at said machine. There may have been a screech, in true Sunday fashion, of "How can all these clothes POSSIBLY be dirty????" reverberating around the neighbourhood. Apparently they were dusty / just unpacked from uni / under a pile.


Just as well he knows how to use the washing machine.

You can just tell that my Sunday is very exciting, can't you?

He has just lost his wallet. He searched the house. He double searched his room. So his mother walks into his room, picks up one T-shirt, and what does she find????????? The wallet. Mothers are all seeing. All powerful. X-ray vision. You may nod at this point.

The holiday season is here, it seems. A great many of my friends are away at the moment - they no longer have school holidays to contend with, as their children are grown and gone now, and some of them are retired too, so that means freedom to choose any time of the year to go away. Some head abroad, some to the sea and some inland.

This is always going to be a challenging time of the year around here, you know. Try though I might not to, I still somehow relive those dark weeks 5 years ago. Every moment of them. Maybe one day they will fade, but right now, they just don't. Ever present. For someone who tends to look forward, be positive, and counts her blessings every single day, it is a really difficult thing to be stuck in the middle of, and that grammar is not stellar. I know. Too bad. Once the 7th is past, things will go back to normal, I suspect - like every year. But right now it is a slightly wobbly time.

So I keep moving. I have just lit the BBQ. We will eat outside - it is summer. The garden is beautiful. I keep saying that. The flowers are coming in phases now - every day something new pops its head up and thrills me more. I am already planning what to plant and what not to bother with for next year. I have a book. Lists. Notes. And I am willing to bet it will be lost when I go to find it next spring!

Let me peak at the score.....aiyaiyai... I do not want to know. The other one is serving for the championship. There are dogs to feed and gardens to water, sons to chat to and food to cook. Washing, can all wait.

I know all my American friends are having a wonderful holiday weekend - and I hope the rest of you, all round the globe - are enjoying your weekend too. I am off to poke the coals, and smell the roses.


Stripeyspots said...

Are you surviving Nadal's loss? After the 3rd set, he just seemed to fade again...

Vee said...

Dogs to feed? There are? Who knew.

Sorry about the tennis. It helps not to watch at all.

Your July 7 is my May 3. I think you must plan something fine for that day...a way to honor the memory and calm the spirit. One thing is certain, he is very well and doing wonderfully and wishes the same for his family.

Smell those roses and enjoy that BBQ!

(Yes, I did nod by the way, at the all-knowingness of mothers.)

The Bookworm said...

We have the laundry buried under piles problem, and vital items "disappear" under the laundry in such a way that apparently only I can find them. The loudest screeching is reserved for when I find clothes I know have just been washed recycled through the laundry without ever being put away or worn. Grrrr!!!!

Fran said...

The other guy must have been stupendous to beat Nadal. It was all over far too quickly. Shame - could have done with a five setter so I had an excuse to sit doing nothing for longer.

Needled Mom said...

This must be such a difficult time of the year, Linds. Sending hugs across the miles.

Enjoy the BBQ (and laundry!!).

Dawn said...

I am nodding indeed - not only for kids' things, but hubby's. But right now, flip flops disappear every day when the girlies are here - it's frustrating.

Laundry - don't get me started. I just don't get how it can pile up every single day when I have them here - I never washed this often when my kids were little!

I am sorry you have to go through this dark time every year at this bright time - I think it's good, though, that it's not during the darkness of winter. At least you have so much life in your garden to enjoy!

We don't do much for the 4th except walk to the park for a greasy burger and some ice cream. Then the fireworks, of course. I don't like to go to the mountains and fight crowds.

Just read this morning that this might be our last year for them if the city can't find corporate sponsors. Seems like a blackmail kind of threat to me! Ours are always so beautiful and over the lake in such a great spot that I can't imagine being without them.