Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday already.....

I happened to see this Raspberry Cake recipe over at Mary's a couple of days ago, and I knew where she had seen the original recipe on Pinterest, because it appealed to me no end too, so when I saw raspberries on offer at the local supermarket, I knew exactly what I was going to make. 


 So I did. Believe me, people, it is delicious. DELICIOUS. My friend Margaret arrived as it came out of the oven so got to taste it warm, and then Jean added her vote of approval (with exclamation marks and a request for the recipe) today. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and the beauty is that you can use any fruit. The original recipe had blueberries in it. And I just happen to have bought some reduced blueberries as well, so that is the next baking venture sorted. I halved Mary's recipe, by the way. There are not 15-18 of us here! And I used her version of buttermilk too - the milk and vinegar. 
And that was the sum total of achievements for yesterday. Singular.(But a very yummy one!) I had a very quiet day. These long trips to Bath and the long appointments and the talking about difficult things - they absolutely wipe me out. 
Today, although the leg is not happy at all, I decided that if it was going to be revolting, I would do stuff, because I have had enough of being a wilting flower. So I went to look at new water butts with Jean. I am all about exciting days out here. I can't stand it when it rains and all the water gets wasted! Well, it is metered here, so I pay for what I use and rain water is free, hallelujah. I want to catch it all. I did mention dams once before, I recall.

And this afternoon was the aqua-zumba class which is always wonderful, if exhausting. At least I feel as if I am doing something positive! And I did remember that once a long time ago, the docs had said not to swim one particular stroke, and I asked which it was when I saw them on Monday. Breast stroke. Hmm. The one I have been doing very slowly up and down the pool before each lesson. So today, I was attempting other kicks while not wanting to swim like a pro. You know.....the poddling up and down the pool chatting kind of swimming. It was another challenge. But I think I have invented a new stroke. I didn't drown, so it worked. it may have looked odd but who cares. 

And things seem to be moving on the legal front at last so there have been chats with lawyers to get my brain moving slightly faster than a slug. 

And now I have a special request. One of my readers emailed me yesterday to ask if I would mind praying for a friend of hers. You can go here to read about Kay Bremmer. My heart aches for her family, and my response was instant - of course I can and am praying for her, and for peace for her family. If you would, please add your prayers, my friends. It is a privilege to pray for people in need and the more prayers covering them, the better. And thank you, K, for feeling you could ask this of me/us. Absolutely. 

And oh, how this reminds me that I am SO blessed in so many ways...... 


Vee said...

Yes, it is a privilege to prayer and, though we may be tempted to think it won't matter, prayer changes how a person copes. I know this for a fact.

Oh beautiful cake. I made a blueberry one today, which will be featured tomorrow. We ate ours warm as well. Hmmm...

So are you the proud owner of a new water butt?

Glad that there is movement or progress on the legal front.

Why not the breast stroke? What ominous reason could there be?

Linds said...

The kick takes your knee out sideways and is totally wrong for me, apparently. Who knew!

Needled Mom said...

That family certainly has my prayers. How very sad!!!

The raspberry cake looks and sounds delicious. I will have to give it a try.

The flowers are just gorgeous!