Thursday, April 12, 2012

April - sun and showers......

Typically April - we have glorious sun and 10 minutes later, torrential rain. A hosepipe ban mean NO hosepipes at all. Watering cans only, or buckets. However, because I have a blue (disabled - I am a crock) badge, I am EXEMPT!! Hah. One benefit. Other than being able to park close to wherever I need to go, which is wonderful. My friends LOVE shopping with me. And it is not because they like me, of course!

So today was another aquazumba class. I will be like a shrivelled prune soon. I realised today that I have to admit that everything takes me longer nowadays. Like showering and getting dressed and drying the hair etc etc. My friends always have to wait for me. Maybe I need to start going in my own car. I need time. I will think about it.

So after our lesson today, there was another aquazumba lesson for the staff, so they could actually experience what we do in the water themselves. According to our teacher they were red faced halfway through. They certainly hammed it up a lot and there was a great deal of splashing, which is a natural consequence of putting a crowd of lads in the water together. But they seemed to be having fun.

I came back home to collect the poles from my extinct greenhouse, and I took them down to the allotment to shove into the soil around my broadbeans, so I can tie a rope around them later to stabilise the plants as they grow. And then I popped in to have a quick coffee with my friends before I headed into town for an appointment.

I decided to actually go into the shopping centre and treat myself to something because I needed a little cheering up, but what I wanted was not available anywhere, so I will have to venture down to MK and check the bigger stores there. It was not quite what I had in mind. All I bought was a bag of bamboo canes at the Pound shop for the garden. Sigh. It is years since I actually went into town, now that I come ot think about it. Some shops had vanished and bargain shops and charity shops seemed to be springing up everywhere. It was depressing. This recession is killing off town centres, if ours is anything to go by.
Meanwhile, some of my favourite people are having a great time in the Alps. And yes, it snowed again there a couple of days ago. Missy is having fun. So is her Grauntie (my sister). And her parents.
My son in mid flight - taking an intentional flying dive into the snow!
Swings are always a favourite....
That's it for today, people - hopefully the sun will shine a little longer tomorrow!


Vee said...

I love that photo of your son diving into the snow. At first, I thought you were going to tell us that it had snowed in your town. That would not have been nice. Hope that the chill has moderated. Yes, everything takes longer for me, too, and, as far as I know, I am not disabled. And I don't remember things well and must really pay attention to bills and meal prep times, but I won't discuss that more since I see that you confessed to some scorching of something in your last post. =D

Needled Mom said...

Great action shot of your son!!!!

My grandmother used to always say that everyone took her shopping with them because she had the blue sticker too!!! LOL

Hope you have a great weekend.

Dawn said...

I need a blue sticker right now!

Cait O'Connor said...

My husband has a blue badge, it is a bonus!