Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wherein there is a lot of babbling.........

I thought bootcamp was for the marines.

I was wrong.

I have just survived aqua-bootcamp. Never heard of it??????? Neither had we. But let me tell you, you spend 60 seconds doing an exercise repeatedly as hard and fast as you can, you have 15 seconds to remember how to breathe, and then another 60 seconds furiously doing another exercise. repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Etc etc. Dear Lord, who invented this???? And that was a question for the Almighty, because there were many prayers going up in the water. And we have aquazumba at 9am tomorrow. Provided we can move a muscle or 2 and manage to get out of bed, of course.

It is over 2 hours since I crawled out of the water and my face is still bright red.

Anyway. Exercise was certainly done today. Gold star kind of exercise.

I started today with the intention of cutting out wheat for a month to see if it made a difference to me. And made a difference to the weight loss dream. One of my blogging friends cut it out and lost 15 lbs in a month. Now that would be perfect. Only, I just popped in to the local supermarket, and the hot cross buns were reduced. So I bought some. And just ate one. Well, no, let's be truthful here, I ate TWO. (Think Cheshire cat smirk.) Delicious. And I thought I would start again tomorrow, but there are still 4 in the packet, so maybe next Monday would be a good time. Hang on, I have a birthday in May...... Hmm. I will have to think about the wheat thing.

I am rambling again.

Here is a completely useless question for you. If you have a sewing machine, and you thread it by hand, which hand do you use to guide the thread through the needle, and are you left or right handed.?

I ask this, because my automatic threader thingy doesn't work, and so I am threading by hand, and I made a complete mess of it yesterday, trying to thread the needle with my right hand. I am right handed. So I stopped thinking about it and did it automatically and I use my left hand. It threads first time. Over and over. I apparently always use my left hand, only I never noticed this.

Now why would a right handed person thread a needle with her left hand? See.... I did say it would be a useless question, but it does intrigue me.

I also thread ordinary needles with my left hand. As in push the thread through. It just seems odd. But maybe it is just me. Maybe it is because the right hand holds things steady. I have no idea. So what do you do???

I haven't quite lost the plot, I promise.

Glynis and I headed out this morning to investigate the new M&S Simply Food store which has opened close by, and it was great. It also had a restaurant, which was wonderful. I do believe this will go on the list of preferred watering holes for us. And M&S food is just so nice, only not really in my price range, but who knows, I am sure they have bargains too. And then we went to buy fabric for Glynis to make flames for the children to run around waving at the Pentecost service at the village church. I am always up for fabric buying, but I am happy to report that I did not buy a thing. Not one inch of fabric. I did see some really beautiful oilcloth - you know - the plasticised stuff, and I really think my life is incomplete without a metre or so of that. But not right now.

I am not just rambling, I do believe I am babbling now. Put it down to excess exercise and post-exercise carbo-loading. See above.

A nap may be in order.


Linda said...

So good to visit with you Linds. I am proud of you for making it through all the exercise. I'm sure it will pay huge dividends!
I think I always thread a needle with my right hand (being right handed). I have no idea why you use your left hand. Although my oldest son is left handed but he does some things with his right hand. One of those mysteries of life I think.
Have a great day Linds. Love coming here.

Becky said...

I thread my sewing machine needle with my left hand because that's the direction it has to go. I thread a hand needle with my right. I'm right handed.

Jane said...

I thread m sewing machine with my left hand, although I'm right-handed, it just seems easier.

Lu said...

l normally thread needles with my left hand, with which l also write and sew.My righthanded mother could not teach me to knit and l had to find my own way to do it, But if the task needs more strength l use my right hand which is stronger. My left eye is dominent, but if l kicked something l'd use my right foot, l put the phone to my right ear. Asked to do something for the first time, l've often not known how to do it. No wonder l look akward.