Sunday, April 01, 2012

Palm Sunday.......

A weekend of mixed weather here in Middle England..... Friday was gloomy, Saturday COLD and grey and then today has been absolutely stunning. It is very hard to believe that this week we could well have snow and freezing temps, so the garden has been frost-proofed as well as I can do it. Fleece over the seed trays and small plants at night, and the fleece will stay on and the greenhouses closed if we really do revert to winter. What survives survives. I can always plant more seeds. I think they will be fine, though.

I hope.

And in the meantime, I have finished the ripple with the Scottish tones in. The lilac and purple are for the heathers, and then the different colours of the soil and greenery. It is very warm - which is just as well, if we get snow- and it is just as I wanted it to be. I had the picture in my mind of the rows of soil tilled across the Scottish landscape, you see......
So, we will ignore the gloom of yesterday, and skip merrily on to today. Palm Sunday. I have been looking after Glynis and Peter's 2 dogs this weekend, so it has been a lively one. I sat down on the couch early yesterday afternoon and managed to select the right guided relaxation track on the iPod, and even though it only lasts 12 minutes, I think I was asleep within 3. 4 at the most. And I slept for 4.5 hours. On a Saturday afternoon. Sigh. 

Is it any wonder I skipped over Saturday? 

But today dawned early - the dogs, you see - and the skies were so blue, it just makes your heart want to explode with joy. I sat outside with my coffee just listening to the birds chirping away, the sound of water trickling into the neighbour's pond, and the church bells ringing. I was sufficiently far away from them. Did I mention that the bells send horrible waves through my nervous system? Oh joy. They do indeed. 

 And off to church we went. I had to vacate the premises for a hymn when the notes were very high, and even the cushion under the feet didn't stop the vibrations from hitting the nerve ends. (Think exposed tooth nerve hitting the air.) But I survived, and went back in for the sermon, which was wonderful. 

And after coffee and cake and general chatter with all and putting the world to rights, I went back to sort out the dogs, and the washing and the lunch and all the other things one does every day which are really mundane and quite boring. However, it was interspersed with time in the garden, and a few pots were filled. More peas, and the  scaffolding wigwam thingys for the peas and sweet peas and sunflowers were put in place. It is like putting up the skeleton of the garden in a sense. Peas don't mind snow or frost. Well, the packet said plant out in Feb/March/April and I have done that. 
The tulips are gorgeous, and I love the way they open for the sun and then close in the shade. 


Glynis and Peter are back, and doggy duties are done, and now we are in Holy Week. There is a 24hr prayer chapel open at church all week, and there are some beautiful things to do while you are there. Last year we went and loved it, and so we have a slot tomorrow. As we were told today, if you are too busy to find an hour to pray during Holy Week, then maybe you need to re-organise the priorities in your life. Or words to that effect. True. 

I have just been sitting outside, looking at the blue sky of early evening - it is 7.30pm here - and the moon, and it is so very still and so quiet. I look at those skies and I think of so many things. Dreams. Hopes. My mind wanders slowly through the possibilities of new days and new weeks and new months. And I practice the breathing, and everything in me sort of slows down and my shoulders relax, and it is good. So good. Cold. But good. I wish I could freeze moments of peace like these somehow. 

But I don't know how to. So here I am, about to go and curl up on the couch under my soft blanket and maybe I will finish that prayer shawl. Maybe I will carry on dreaming. Maybe I will watch TV. Maybe I will plug in the iPod. Maybe I will have a nap. Who knows. And does it matter? Not at all. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, my friends. 


Vee said...

Oh, the way you described the experience of bells and high notes as an exposed nerve in the tooth made it very clear for me.

Sorry that the cold has come/is coming. Hopefully, soon, we can send some warm weather along or perhaps some will float up from Africa or something. Your garden will fare fine, I'm sure.

Naps on Sunday afternoons are lovely. I took a rather long one myself.

A lovely holy week to you...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

You *soaked up* all the beauty of the day/night, and that is wonderful. :-)

Hope it sees you through, the coming crazy weather, you are expecting. -sigh- Good luck to your growing things.

Being new here, I'm not familiar with how certain sounds are very hard on you. Glad the bells are far enough away... And that you know when to pop-out of a place, which is about to bother you, with certain noise.

What lovely pictures you share with us today. Thank you!!! Your blog will be my arm-chair-visit to the beautiful English country side, which I love, from reading. Thank you for this too!

"A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew,
A cloud, and a rainbow's warning,
Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue--
An April day in the morning.”

~~Harriet Prescott Spofford

someone else said...

Sunday we were remembering our time in Paris and London last spring. We spent Palm Sunday in Paris and then had the most glorious Easter service ever the next Sunday in London. Just reading the title of your post sent my mind wandering back in time.