Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Easter!

I have had a busy day. In fact, if I sit for more than a few minutes, I do believe I may never get up again, so this will be a bitty post. A trip into town to pay the bills, a wander round the shops, and then home to clean. I have 4 friends coming to lunch tomorrow, and as Jean and I are on coffee duty after the Easter service tomorrow morning, I will be late home. That means lunch will not be at lunchtime. It may be early afternoon. We will see. 

So, once the floors were mopped, I left to go and bake the goodies for church at Jean's house, seeing that she actually has a working oven. A great asset, a working oven. She baked the 72 cup cakes, I made the chocolate cornflake nests. She put the little eggs in the nest, I iced the cakes. She made cheesy crosses and bunnies, and I made coffee. And washed things. 

And we watched the boat race on TV. What a disaster. It is an annual event - Oxford vs Cambridge universities row down the Thames. Today, a STUPID protester swam out into the water, and the race had to be restarted, and then Oxford lost an oar, and it was all over. Cambridge won, but one of the Oxford men had to be taken off the boat for medical help. I am sure you can see the whole sorry saga on the BBC website. 
 Then I came home, and tidied up and set the table, after polishing the silver and washing all the crockery. And the crystal. I can't remember when last I used my beautiful dishes and plates, but they will be out tomorrow. I will be up before dawn to start the roast lamb in the slow cooker. I do hope it works. Oh well, I am sure it will be edible! We can always have toast. And it is all about the company, isn't it. Hmmm. Glynis is bringing the vegetarian option, and Jean is making the dessert, so really, I just have to conjure up roast potatoes, carrots, beans, parsnips and gravy. And the lamb.

I do realise that this is too much information, but it is so long since I entertained and I LOVE doing the tables. Don't you like the place settings? Well, the side-plates. I crocheted raffia into long chains, and then rolled the serviette and tied it up with the raffia. Then I made/found sprays of daffodils and greenery and tucked them into the bow. A little Swiss chocolate bunny and we are good to go.
 The centre-piece is the small dangling ring, complete with candles and baby chicks......
I really love things to look nice, and you can't really see the crystal glasses here, but you can get a vague idea. I will take photos in daylight, which will be easier.

So after vacuuming and dusting, I went out to water the seedlings and close the greenhouses for the night. So what possessed me to start planting things at 8pm????? I planted 5 troughs, 3 pots and one hanging basket. It must be tiredness which has made me lose my mind. I was doing my own impression of the energiser bunny and heaven knows I do not need to be stupid and overdo things. I did. Then I swept the patios, and here I am. I forgot to eat. But I do have coffee.

I hope your Easter Day is wonderful. HAPPY EASTER to you and your families!


The Bookworm said...

Happy Easter to you too! The table looks lovely.

Linds said...

Thanks, Kathryn - doing a week's worth of activity in one day was criminally stupid. I may be on the couch for the foreseeable future, but it was worth it. Sometimes you just have to do these things! Now, if I could walk it would help. Groan.

Becky said...

The table is so beautiful. Have a blessed Easter!

Dawn said...

Everything looks so lovely. I trust your night of sleep will restore your body so that you can enjoy your busy day tomorrow. He is Risen He is Risen Indeed!