Monday, April 23, 2012

Two weeks........

The PB is done, except for the trimming of threads and ironing. It is just as well I have called it Patriotic Bunting, because do you KNOW how many countries have red white and blue flags??? So I googled it, and here is the page with all 29 and that does not include Australia or New Zealand or many others. So then I went here and got more confused. Here is another total. However, to find out, should I really want to find out, I will have to count the flags at the Olympic opening ceremony. Maybe not. 
 To get back to the point, I have stitched it all together and it is in a heap on my footstool waiting for me to insert a DVD (if I can remember what to do) and sit back and snip threads while I watch a movie. I am still waiting for the motherload of ivory binding to arrive so I can do the wedding ones. It has yet to appear. So I practiced with the 10cm spacing. It works. The sun shone for a few brief seconds and I hooked one lot up in the garden, and it looks great. Now I need another apron to unpick so I can use up the rest of the triangles I have cut. 
And now on to something a little more sober, even though these are pictures of the blossom opening on my apple tree. Beautiful blossoms. 

I had a real shock on Saturday when I was playing around on Facebook. I saw a short line saying "R I P Katherine - a Rustybug friend". Katherine is one of the school friends I have kept in touch with over the years, and I have spoken to her often on the phone and on Facebook. And she died. I found out yesterday, that she had not been feeling great for ages, but MRI scans showed nothing at the end of last year. 2 weeks ago she collapsed in the street, and her neighbour rushed her to hospital. Extensive testing done, she was told she had a body riddled with cancer and that she had about 2 weeks to live. There was nothing that could be done. 


She was immediately admitted to a hospice, where she died peacefully two weeks later, without many people knowing except a few very close friends. She didn't want people pouring through the door. Her closest friend came from the States, and she had the people she needed right there with her, but only in the final couple of days. As per her wishes. 


I lie in bed thinking, Oh God, what would I do if I only had two weeks to live........ 

And I have no idea how I could even start. All those letters I have always meant to write - things I mean to say - ideas I have for one day - things I want to achieve - to make - to try - the people I love - time with them all - my children........

Do it now, my friends. Do not put off anything for one more minute. Do it now. Or there may never be the time. Say the words. Make the effort. Write the letters. Love. LOVE with all your hearts. Reach out. Touch. Feel. Live........go on, LIVE this 24 hours, because Katherine had no idea her time was running out, and then she was gone. 

You know how we blithely say the words - the past is gone and the future is yet to come, but the present is a gift?? Yeah. Me too. I say that. Geoff didn't know he was going to die. I didn't know he was going to die. 3 weeks ago, Katherine didn't know she was going to die. 

But Geoff died. Katherine died. 

Those words I blithely say have meaning. And the meaning is totally relevant to me this second. So I am using a part of my gift of today to tell you (not ask, TELL) to get up, and go and say the words you always mean to say but rarely do. Tell your kids you love them. Make that call. 
I have spoken to my children since then. Well, just to say hi to my oldest son who was watching the Grand Prix at the time. But I have told them I love them. My sister. My mother. And this very special little girl who captured my heart the day she was born.
And she said "I love you too, Moreglanny.". 
Precious words.

And to all of you out there in the ether? You matter to me. I am so thankful I have got to know you all - you are also a blessing in my life, which I would not be without. 

I should have called Katherine again. 


Chris said...

And I hope you know what a blessing you've been and continue to be to me, dear Linds! You and I have been through the mill together, and I appreciate you more than you know.

So sorry to hear of your friend's passing.

Vee said...

Katherine knows, Linds. All is well. Sometimes I think that, next to dozing off and never waking, this would be the best way. Much love to you as you navigate grieving for a school friend. I hate when the school friends start leaving, though, as I recall, that began very early on.

Kelli said...

I love you.


Truly. Deeply. Sisterly.

Love. you.

Now. I have to call Kati.


Crystal said...

Your words are so very true, Linds! I'm so glad to have "met" you and hope that we will have time to meet one day in real life too. God has our days numbered and I know for sure that I will see you in heaven! Oh, what a day that will be!!! ((( HUGS )))

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

I'm sure she's looking down and she knows Linds.

MotherT said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend! We are dealing with a couple of similar losses here.

We aren't promised a certain length of life, we have to make certain that we are using what we have for the best things. I know that too often I have waited too long to say/do something and then the opportunity is forever gone.