Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ho Hum.......

What have I accomplished today?? Hmmm. I went down to the allotment with Jean and her neighbour who is going to fix the shed roof, which is leaking massively. He measured, I multiplied costs in my head, and then I planted the broadbeans. The rest can wait.

Home to plant more tomatoes - the tumbling ones for the hanging baskets for Jean and for me, and then I sorted the pots the squirrels had dug up. It is no joke, I tell you - the little varmints have destroyed half the seedlings. I am not a happy camper. At all. But the netting seems to be working reasonably well so far. I can but hope I will have some kind of garden this year. You know, I think I told you that we have a hosepipe ban? Well, ever since the day it was announced, not a single day has passed without some form of precipitation. Amazing.

What else....broadbeans, tomatoes, oh yes, I went to the aquarobics class, even though my thigh is now very swollen. I look stunning in a bathing costume, believe me, just stunning. I soldiered on, because it is good for me, and I managed to get out of the pool which was a major accomplishment. Go, Linds.

I have also cut out the bunting for my friend's daughter's wedding. That is taking forEVER to get sorted, but it should be finished by next week. 24m x2 +8m x2 divided into 4m lengths = 16 + half a m for tying it in place @ 4m section. Yes. The question is whether I make it double sided or not. Ho hum.

And I have decided that I can't be bothered to cook tonight. Yoghurt will do. So, all in all, a ho hum kind of day. I am running out of energy, it seems. It has been an uncomfortable day. Maybe a full night of sleep will have the normal Linds back on track. One can only hope.


Dawn said...

Naughty little squirrels! But how great about rain since the ban was put into place. It was gray with a tiny bit of precipitation overnight, but then the sun came out, now it's gray again, but no moisture. We need some badly.

Good for you for toughing it through aqua aerobics, though it sounds miserable!

Needled Mom said...

Do you get to only use the hose on a certain day with a hose ban? How does it work? Of course it is going to rain when they announce it!!!!