Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Ridiculous laws, rain and make-up (how eclectic can one be).....

Good morning all..... It is still raining here, which is great for the dams which are dangerously low, but oh, how I love the Spring sun and warmth! And being able to be outdoors. Vee? When is the sun coming back to you, because we seem to get your weather a week or so after you do. Snow is falling just north of us today, then apparently it will warm up slightly.

Enough of the weather report from Middle England.

I am off to aqua again shortly, and may not get this finished before I go because it takes time. Walking about between paragraphs. Pondering. Deleting. Reining in errant wanderings of the mind. You know the stuff we do.....

Our government, which seems totally and utterly out of touch with the ordinary people here in the UK, has decided that we need a snooper law. In other words, they want to record every single skype call, text message/mobile call/email/internet search we EVER do. If we touch anything or communicate with anyone, it will be recorded. They will apparently require a warrant to see the contents, but good grief, I am unimpressed. It is a gross invasion of personal privacy and completely against what would be in an Charter, only we don't have a Bill of Rights here.

The press is up in arms, and I gather there may be some modifications. Rushing laws like this through in the interest of keeping us safe from terrorist threats seems completely over the top. If I choose to have a blog and open it to the world, the world , including government officials, may read it freely. My choice. If, however, I need to chat about deeply personal stuff to my family or friends, I am absolutely NOT prepared for Big Brother to be listening in to the conversation, reading my personal emails etc etc etc.

So we will see where it goes. Here and here are two reports about it. I do not want any faceless person perusing my life in secret. We have enough of that already here.

And moving on to more simple delights, people...


Yes, I know, I should stop watching 10 Years Younger. However, the make-up guru said:

  1. We should throw out all makeup which a) does not have covers, b) which is older than something like a year (WHAT??? I have stuff which is decades old in my paltry arsenal!)
  2. Wash all sponges and brushes weekly (HMMMM.... do you? I don't.) AND throw out sponges every month. Right. 
  3. The thing which adds years to a middle-aged or older woman fastest is dated make-up. When last did you change your style? STYLE?? What is that???
  4. Having your eyebrows threaded (I watched a video - it looks like someone playing cat's cradle has gone crazy) is apparently the best thing since sliced bread, and that the older you get, the more the eyebrows need attention. I thought mine had disappeared. They are blonde. No, they are GREY and are invisible to all but they are there, and ...
  5. I should apply eye shadow to the brow to define it. I can see the panda look extending upwards here. 
So my question is this - questions, rather :
  1. Please tell me you still have eyeshadows and lipsticks and other assorted make-up bits which are as old as mine? AND my older stuff has clearly not killed me yet.
  2. Have you changed your make-up style recently? Like in the last 15 years? 
  3. Do you clean all your equipment  regularly? Do you USE all the fancy equipment? Do you know what fancy equipment we should be using?
  4. Have you had your eyebrows threaded? Do you have them waxed? What do you do with your eyebrows? Anything? 
  5. And am I the only one left on earth who has not got a clue how to change things, even with all the photo tutorials and Youtube things on line. 
I wear glasses. My glasses are my eye make-up. Sort of. I conducted a little research in quest of finding a new mascara on Facebook. A cheap one. And Maybelline apparently is the best in the world. I have yet to try it out. Or the threading. I seem to remember catching my hair in the cat's cradle game as a pre-teen, and yanking it out by the roots. I suppose that is how threading began. But you never know....apparently the results make you appear as if you have had an eye lift, and the Good Lord knows I need lifting in all departments which have yielded to the force of gravity and headed south without permission. 

Or maybe a magic wand would be the easier option instead.......


Chris said...

I have makeup that is older than I am. And yes, I have changed my "routine" in that I now wear less makeup than I ever have. Some base to even out the splotches of my skin, a little blush and eyeliner. I might get fancy every now and then and add shadow, but not very often. I got a new tube of mascara six months ago which remains unopened. On days when I don't have to go to work, I'm lucky to get moisturizer on my face...nothing else.

And I won't even talk about not washing off the makeup before I go to bed.

Linds said...

Oh good grief, I know what you mean! I was skyping with my daughter today and she was a little confused as to why I was bothered by these things. Hah. One day I will rock up on her doorstep and she will be a-MAAAAzed at my stunning stylish-ness. Now if we could just manage a body transplant ......

Vee said...

The sun has been back for three days. Temps reach as high as 50sF or 12C? That sounds very, very cold.

I don't like the sounds of those laws. It's a conundrum these days. One wishes to be safe, but it's a horrible invasion of privacy.

Okay, answering your make-up questions now; although, should I really? I hate to skew the results.

1. I do. I don't use them. Why do you suppose I still have them?
2. Yes. I used to wear make-up and now I don't bother. I do wear lipstick or a gloss. And I curl my eyelashes, but use no mascara. Right. What's the point?
3. Yes. I used to clean my brushes weekly. I have OCD I'm pretty sure.
4. Eyebrows. Mine are odd in that they grow longer and longer so I resort to plucking. I am not trimming. I feel in danger of becoming a shaggy old man.
5. I don't know how to change things and, at this point, well what would be the point? Have I said that already?

Colin said...

I haven't changed mine in 50 years ...

Cait O'Connor said...

Just found your blog via Vee and I am glad she alerted me to it. I shall be back.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

ha ha Linds - I'm with you 100%. I honestly don't think I've changed my make-up style since I was 15 (is there another way of doing it? I don't think so!), except that I wear a lot less foundation now than when I had acne and was working in an office. Last week I actually wanted some foundation as I was going out and looked a little past my sell by date - and when I opened up the 2 bottles I had they had BOTH dried out completely!!!
No I don't use anything fancy, don't wash out sponges since I don't use sponges and god forbid the eyebrow thing. No thank you. I guess this means I've failed the test...oh and my eyelashes are so few and far between that even with mascara they can barely be seen! Is this the end of the road??

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Oh and I almost forgot - if you find a magic wand, you will let me know, won't you?

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Oh and I almost forgot - if you find a magic wand, you will let me know, won't you?