Saturday, April 28, 2012

A very damp (again) Saturday..........

Well, it is done, the bunting, and it is safely with the bride's mother, who, as it happens, has chipped a bone in her knee, is in a massive brace thingy which replaced the plaster which kept falling down, and get this - it only comes off TWO DAYS before her daughter's wedding. How inconvenient. I have offered to do what I can to help her out if she needs help. Good grief. All the things which she would be wanting to be doing now suddenly seem like dreams. Anyway. She loved the bunting. She really did. And I am so relieved. It is one thing to make what you think people want, but another totally to get it right. I think I got it right, but the bride needs to see it before I will really relax.

And I decided that it is only fair that the bride sees it before I post photos. Not that I have any, but I will take some at the wedding. If I think it looks good enough.

And yes - thanks to Kelli, I now know that 100metres is 328feet, and an American football field is 360 feet. There was a lot of bunting to be made.

And now on with the patriotic bunting. I am on a roll. Margaret, who popped in 2 days ago, called this morning to say that she had seen some Union Jack bunting (2 metres long) which cost £28.99. I nearly fell off my chair. What????? Crazy. I am not using Union Jacks. The red white and blue will do just fine. It is Universally Patriotic.

The rain, people. It is still here. If I had had 50 water butts in the garden, they would all be full by now. Hmmm. Maybe I could blow up the paddling pool and collect more. Or maybe not.

I was thinking how my days have changed. This refining by fire thing is not always easy to come to terms with. You see, the things I love, like music, church and singing, now come with a price which is sometimes too high for me to pay. And the water hurts, so while I adore my aqua sessions, it too, has a price. Then there is the reading, and I have said many time before that I can't focus or concentrate and I forget what I have read immediately I turn the page. That is because of the meds I take and the CRPS. So I can't read fiction, but non-fiction is slightly better. See? Also something I love and also associated costs. Then there is the creative side, which , thank God, I can still do. Only my sewing machine sort of groaned and nearly gave up the ghost with 3 lines of bunting to do, so I prayed fervently, shut it down and went and made coffee in the hope that a nap would restore it to health, and it is still going, although it is making a Very Strange Sound. But it goes, and that is good enough. But I wonder if its days are numbered.

And the other thing I love doing is gardening, and so help me, the rain means that I can't do any of it right now. And I am not going to venture in the the realms of the baking I love to do and the oven which is kaput either. I will depress myself. I am just so thankful that the fingers still work and I can still wield the knitting needles ( all I knit are prayer shawls) and the crochet hook. How glad I am that I taught myself to crochet!

I am not in any way whining here. I am just looking at the things I do which bring me joy and wondering why and how and what and when. I am observing from outside me, if you know what I mean. Maybe a complete change is afoot. I have left out the writing thing, because I absolutely love writing - communicating - putting my thoughts down somewhere. For posterity? Maybe. I do wonder what Missy will think when one day she googles Moreglanny and reads about my days here at RCR. Hopefully she will learn more about me. And future grandchildren will hopefully do the same.

Today, a Listography journal which I ordered in a fit of extravagance arrived. I know that most on the market are aimed at younger people, but I thought that that too would be a fun thing to do. It seems that I am leaving little traces of me all over the place. And I rather like that. I will have to put all these things in one place with the scrapbooks yet to be made. So many ideas.

Hmmm. Scrapbooks. I could do some of those now that the weather is so foul. I have not finished the one of my 50th year and so help me, I am staring 60 down the barrel here. Not quite, but almost. There is always something on the list for me to do in the creative realm, and again, thankfully I have the supplies here, amassed over the decades, so I can keep busy.

Right. Time to move on. There is more washing to drape over the entire house, and I think I will finish the 4 strings of PB which are ready to go while the machine is still working. I hope the sun shines for some of you! And if it does, please send it my way....................


Stripeyspots said...

It's raining here too. Grey and overcast and really just a day full of excuses to lie on the couch and read, but I have new babies to see and errands to run...

Isabelle said...

It was a beautiful day in Edinburgh, if rather chilly.

Dawn said...

No rain here, though we need it. We saw a few little flakes of snow yesterday, as the sun was shining, up in the mountains. Strange.

My SIL brought me a beautiful huge book to fill with my life memories - I hope I can someday soon get started on it. I wish my handwriting were better!

I am so sorry so many things are becoming so difficult for you. And that so many things are breaking down. I wish I could help somehow. Does the music issue mean you won't be singing with the choir when Barry leads? I hope that's not the case!

I can hardly wait to see the bunting. So sorry about the mother of the bride's knee issues. But thankfully the brace will be off for the big day! I have a friend who just wrecked a tendon in her heel and has to wear a boot - and her daughter's wedding was today. Wonder if she wore it - maybe at least not for the pictures!

Have a blessed Sunday!