Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sundays are good too.....

The London Marathon is in progress as I speak - the winners are all relaxing, but the majority are plodding on painfully, and I salute the lot of them. I have always loved watching the race from the comfort of my warm soft bed. It is just as well that running it has never made an appearance on the bucket list, isn't it? Especially seeing that I saw fit to bake Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumplings this morning.

Well, the refrigerator pack had 6 in the tube, so I baked 2 for breakfast and I could not possibly waste the other 4 could I? No. Of course not.

So the house smells of vanilla and cinnamon and all things good, and I made a dash to the Co-op to buy some ice cream, because I didn't think of making my own until this very minute.....I also picked up a few bargains in the fresh fish and meat aisles. As in quarter price and sell by today. So into the freezer it all went. Now there is no room for the homemade ice cream, so that will have to wait.

Good grief I do prattle on, don't I.

I am using distraction techniques, because this very minute I should go and sit down and listen to a relaxation tape and try to drop the sensation levels racing through my body. Nasty unpleasant sensations which I don't want to think about at all. But instead, I may have to go and check the seedlings and then try and see if I can sit long enough to sew up some patriotic bunting ( which will henceforth be called PB because it is too long to write out each time). I will give it a go anyway. I have my coffee next to me and if I type then I can't scratch the heck out of my back which is driving me crackers.

That will all seem a little bizarre, I realise, but never mind. I talk too much.

I was full of optimism when I saw blue skies early this morning, but the sun comes and goes behind the rain clouds, and so we are back to the open/close system with the greenhouses again. My life is becoming very predictable. I don't do predictable.

I have started some more tomatoes, because Jean will need some when she gets back, and I have given in, and my window sills are now full again. I tried to be restrained and keep the seeds to a minimum, but that is not who I am, and so I have to keep planting. Sigh. I love growing seeds, but I also know I keep saying that too.

It is now afternoon and I forgot lunch. So I am off to sample the apple dumplings with ice cream. Have a lovely Sunday!


Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Yum! eat some for me too Linds - they sound delicious!

Linds said...

That, my dear, is why you are a slender runner and I am not!!

Needled Mom said...

Ahhhhh....I can smell those apple dumplings from here. YUM!