Thursday, April 26, 2012

A bunting kind of day...........

Hello there. Today, after an early morning aquazumba session, has been a bunting day. Just as well the weather has been appalling all day. So there has been a great deal of ironing, trimming, ironing, sewing, measuring, sewing, measuring , sewing, measuring  and yet more sewing and measuring going on. 
 This, down below, is just some of the 100 metres of bias binding, ironed so it makes the sewing easier. There has been a great binding saga going on around here, because I had ordered it all from a very classy and well known haberdashery shop in central London, starting with M and W. However, their on-line ordering system is appalling, and their stock non-existent, only they do not tell you this when you order. And on top of that, they have a 5 day dispatch system. I just happened to call on Tuesday to make sure my order was going to be here by the end of the week, and some 12 year old of the male variety informed me that they had had no stock since the beginning of April and wouldn't be getting any until the middle of May.

I am surprised you didn't hear my screech in California. I explained how to run an internet shopping venture in minute detail, and the 12 year old slammed the phone down on me. So I called accounts, cancelled my order and after much hyperventilating, found a delightful supplier, who had everything I needed, and who managed to deliver it within 2 days. Much cheaper, and in 50metre rolls not 25metre ones. Postage costs a quarter of the London company.
It arrived this morning, and ever since then, with a short break to have coffee with Margaret who happened to pop in, I have been doing the ironing, sewing, measuring thing, and I am past the halfway mark. It is the measuring - 10cm between flags which takes time, but I want it to be perfect, you see. It looks nice. I held up a string of it, and I think it will work just fine. Well, I certainly hope the bride and her mother are happy. Tomorrow, I will be up early and it will be done and out of here.

Whenever I get to this sort of stage making things, I start visualising the next project. Ideas. I am good at ideas. I have masses of them. Unfortunately I can't do all of them. I tried to explain this to a friend - some people have ideas, like me, but then want others to actually do them. Oh well. One of my talents is ideas. Just that. Ideas.

So my mind is all over the place and most of me is rather achy. If the rain stops - if it EVER stops - I am thinking of building an ark in the garden - I will try to string up a section of the bunting and take a photo or two to show you. Tomorrow. When it is finished.

Right now I need to try to get the shoulders to leave the vicinity of my ears and relax. I will be back.


Stripeyspots said...

They slammed the phone down on you????? I am breathless with rage!

Kelli said...

First of all, I googled" convert 100 metres to feet" and when it said "328 feet" I about fell over.

(For you Americans, a standard football field is 360 feet long).

Holy freakin' Moses, woman, are you INSANE?!


(But, I knew that already).

As far as the 12 yo that hung up on you? As a Call Centre Director, that just made my heart stop;.

'Nuf said.