Tuesday, October 31, 2006

100 things about me

  1. I was born in South Africa
  2. I have one younger sister
  3. We spent 3 months travelling around Europe when I was 12
  4. I fell in love with Switzerland
  5. I have been in a gondola
  6. And to an opera in Paris
  7. And Covent Garden to see the Royal Ballet
  8. And climbed the leaning tower of pisa (twice)
  9. I hate wearing shoes
  10. I nearly lost my big toe playing barefoot in the drive
  11. I had 2 ops to try and fix it
  12. They didn't work
  13. I still have my toe
  14. I hated gym at school
  15. I couldn't climb ropes
  16. I remember listening to the Voice of America announcement of Pres Kennedy's death
  17. My sister was a genius
  18. So I looked dumb
  19. But was not really
  20. My Mum has a Masters degree in English and was a SAHM
  21. My Dad also had his Masters and was a civil engineer
  22. I taught myself how to play the guitar
  23. I taped out a badminton court in the hall at school because I wanted to play
  24. Our church was the centre of our social life while I was growing up
  25. I wrote and produced a dance drama of the Crucifixion while at school
  26. We toured local churches with it
  27. I was 20 before I went up Table Mountain, and we lived on the slopes of it
  28. I have a BA in History from UCT
  29. I played in the university badminton team
  30. I was on the Rag Committee for 3 years
  31. I rode on the back of a motorbike at unspeakeble speeds wearing a long dress
  32. And no helmet
  33. My first car was a mini called Arabella
  34. I rolled it on a country road
  35. I loved diving for crayfish and I love the sea
  36. I met my husband while he was on officer in the Royal Fleet Aux, on the Beira patrol
  37. He was English
  38. We got engaged in England while I was on holiday
  39. Married in SA when I was 21
  40. I moved to England in 1976
  41. Back to SA when I was expecting my first son
  42. I missed my family
  43. We went for 4 years
  44. And stayed 14
  45. He stayed in the merchant navy and was away from home 9 months of each year
  46. He was in Norway when Andrew was born
  47. I drove myself to the hospital
  48. Spent a month in France with babe and husband while new ship being built
  49. We spent a year at sea with him when Andrew was 2
  50. Started playing squash
  51. Then Diana was born
  52. Bought my first house when I was 23
  53. Travelled back to England most years
  54. Started playing tennis
  55. Made amazing friends along the way
  56. I still have great friends I was at school with
  57. My house was always full of kids and people
  58. Especially for Guy Fawkes nights and brunches and holidays
  59. I love baking
  60. And reading
  61. Diana nearly drowned in the pool when she was 3. Andrew saved her
  62. I watched so many friends emigrate
  63. My generation has all scattered to the 4 corners of the earth
  64. My best friend lives in New Zealand
  65. Took my family on a real holiday to Europe (in a plane!)
  66. Surprise baby number 3 when the older ones were 12 and 8
  67. Moved back to England (see 44) when husband said "remember those 4 years? They are now 14". I packed
  68. Came to a village in middle England
  69. Made more great friends
  70. Husband still away at sea
  71. Parents came to visit, and my father had just been diagnosed with Diffuse Lewey body disease, and could not go home, as he was so bad
  72. I flew back and forth to SA to sort out their affairs
  73. He died 2 years later
  74. Mother still here
  75. My sister and her husband live in Switzerland
  76. I am still in love with the place
  77. Andrew married Ann there in 2003(oops, I said 1993. Am losing it!)
  78. Diana now lives in New Zealand, working for a church in Wellington
  79. Both my older 2 have graduated
  80. I worked in an oriental rug shop for a while
  81. I invigilated for our local college exams
  82. I have run a dolls house shop
  83. I quilt
  84. And scrapbook
  85. My friends gave me a scrollsaw for my 50th birthday
  86. I had an amazing party
  87. I have had 3 dogs, Misty, Bobby and Bailey
  88. Geoff came home from sea 3 years ago
  89. And died 3 months ago
  90. That was not supposed to happen
  91. I love gardening
  92. I have masses of roses
  93. Did I mention my wonderful friends?
  94. I have been in a hot air balloon
  95. I went to Paris with a friend for our 40th birthdays
  96. I love walking in the Alps
  97. I have so many dreams
  98. My faith sustains me
  99. So do my children
  100. I am very very blessed


Morning Glory said...

I love your list!

Heidi said...

Beautiful. I love these, I love getting to know you better, thanks. BTW I'll be doing one pretty soon too!

momteacherfriend said...

What a great list!