Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well, the weekend is nearly over, and it has been surprisingly busy. Good kind of busy. Saturday was Matt's birthday and although I did remember it this year (a change after the last couple of years where I have spectacularly forgotten) and popped in to see him, he and his 6 uni friends who came to celebrate were still asleep. At noon. Enough said. Apparently they rolled in at 5am.

The afternoon brought an unexpected trip to watch the Saints play at home. A friend had 2 spare tickets, so David and I went along. They were dire. Unspeakably dire. A team of school kids would have put on a better performance. They could not pass a ball, catch a ball or kick a ball. They lost. But I had a good time, and watching Bernie (the mascot dog) was fun. I was told not to bother to take a coat, and right in the middle of the game the heavens opened. It rained sideways. As in under the stand covers too. I was less than impressed, and the guys started praying for sun in case they had to deal with an irate wet woman on the hike back to the car. Luckily for them it dried up just enough to get back without getting drenched.

Last night was lovely. I went to Liz and Jon's for "drinks and nibbles" with Nicky, Bob, Pete and Glynis, and we really had a great time relaxing and chatting. Good wine and excellent company.... who could ask for more. Soon it will be time for fires too. It is much cooler, but I am still resisting turning the heating on. I do wish I had a real fireplace.

Today was The Great North Run and there is nothing nicer than lying in bed on a Sunday morning, watching all those MAD people go out and run a half marathon. The world's largest. 50 000 people. Mind you, I think I would like to do it once. Just once. Maybe I will start running again. Maybe I will think about next year. Maybe. I seem to remember it being on my list of things I want to do before I die. Sigh. It is a very very long list. Most years I get to cross fo a good few things on it, but then I go and add even more to the end of it too. The list includes books I have always meant to read but never quite got around to. Places to visit. Things to learn. Things to experience. Dreams. Things to get round to doing, or making. There are hundreds of quilts in there too. Somehow, I don't think there will be many crossed off this year.

I found another blog. Well, I found a whole community of bloggers really. It is amazing when you go from one to another, and there are all these people out there with so much to say. One was very thought provoking. I have been back to it a few times this weekend to reread what she says. I will add the link for you to go and check it out. Look at the "30 days of nothing" and related posts. Just read through what Tonia has to say at Intent and see what you think.

So, after a Spring Harvest gathering at lunch time and church at the Christian Centre this evening, tidying the house for tomorrow and catching up on my emails etc, it has been a good weekend.

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