Thursday, October 12, 2006

Eyes half closed

  1. Fun helping to make cyber friends smile
  2. Making new friends
  3. Tiny paintbrushes
  4. Super fast drying glue
  5. Laughter through the frustration!

After a marathon session on line last night, I am still half asleep. I cannot describe what I look like, but if I take off the glasses I look blurry so that is fine. Just fine. I visited so many new blogs, and saw so many beautiful photos of people and places I have never seen before. There is a whole world out there, you know, and this was a way to pop in and see how many simply stunning places there are still to discover. One day. People who are interesting, and funny, and who really enjoyed helping to make Mary at Owlhaven's day very special. There I was with paintbrush between the teeth, rushing back and forth to see what was happening.

The painting and glueing is moving on at snail's pace. Some are disasters. Some ok. But my kitchen is worse than ever. I HAVE to finish today. Sitting here writing is procrastination of the nth degree!


owlhaven said...

hehe-- thanks for helping make my day! (er, night...)

Mary, mom to many

momteacherfriend said...

Remember how you could hardly sign off? Uh huh, it happened to me too. I just could not do it! I tried a few times but I kept ending right back in front of the computer. I made it to the post 1000 celebration then I scooted off to bed. I think I dreamed blogosphere all night! lol

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I went to bed just before 800. Couldn't make it. :)

But I wanted to come say hi!