Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cars, coffee, cakes and conversation

  1. Warm October days (19 degrees C today)
  2. Lazy Sunday lunches
  3. Music that stirs the soul
  4. Inspiration
  5. Good books to read

The weekend is nearly over, and it has been good. Yesterday we went to the Traidcraft coffee morning, and it was heaving. So many people, and that was really great to see. Coffee and cakes, time to catch up with friends, and the opportunity to buy Fair Trade goodies too.

Talking about fair trade, there is a programme on this week re the cheap clothing sold at our giant supermarkets, and the link to children making the clothes in India. I will watch and see what the investigation has to say. While I am delighted to be able to buy clothes that are cheap, I do not want to buy things that encourage child labour. How do we know where any of our things are made? Or by whom? We have become so used to getting things for so little, that we lose sight of the person who creates them. I know this is a huge problem for someone like me, who makes things. I make quilts. Some have nearly 100 hours of work in them, and yet, if I were to sell them, I would get a fraction of the minimum wage for the work I delight in. It is better to give them away. There is a problem with the perception of "home-made". Home made still means amateur. "Hand" made is better than "Machine" made. But in the designer world, something really basic made by a big name, is commanding astronomical prices, while other things made by unknown people with great skill, fetch a pittance. Sigh. Another soapbox subject.

David and Simon spent 4 hours yesterday, fixing the hole in the exhaust of the "allotment car". Well, we do use it to go down to the allotment. David learnt how to do something really useful. If he wants to use the car, he has to learn how to fix it too! He and Simon were sprawled in the middle of the road so I had to take a photo while watching to save my son from being squished by any passing car. Chaos reigned while the babes played inside, Jackie discovered Beehive Bedlam, and Mum carried on crocheting, and I supplied "joos and bithkits". Happy chaos. The kind I love. The more the merrier. It was great to see David race outside this morning, to see if the paste had set on the repair. He then came in and announced that, in his opinion, it was ready to be test driven. I tested. Perfect repair. It no longer sounds like a tank.

Lunch with friends, church with more friends, and more painting. Food for the body and soul, companionship and creative expression....... who could ask for more?

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5KidMom said...

Good for you for making David learn a thing or two about the car before he is allowed to drive it. My Dad did the same. It was annoying then. I am SOOOO grateful now!

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