Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jumbled thoughts

Sun, rain, wind and grey skies. All within a couple of hours. The weather seems mixed up, and that is what the past few days seem like too. not to mention the keyboard on this computer which is now refusing to do capitals. I bounced it and now it is more agreeable. no, here we go again. the cap button thinks it is the ctrl one. for some bizarre reason. And it is random, so works now and then. Like now.

Mother is having her hair permed as I speak, in my kitchen, and so far she has had her flu jab today, David has seen the doctor about his awful cough, collected his medicine from the chemist, and he is now helping Jon move furniture about. Next is Mum's trip to the dentist later this afternoon, so the day has been all about sorting the rest of the family out. Just call me taxi driver today. This is not one of my more bouncy days, for no reason at all. Things are just wobbling a bit, but the sun is out for a few minutes, so that is good.

Andrew and Ann went to France for the day yesterday, and did some shopping. They live so close to Dover, that it makes sense to pop over the channel, or under, as it happens, and get some european shopping done, especially in the run up to Christmas. Here, the shops have been full of Christmas things since September, because Halloween is not a big thing here yet (but it is growing) and there is no Thanksgiving. Now that IS a holiday I think everyone in every country should celebrate. It is a great idea, and one we need to do too. Even on a more frequent than annual basis.

You know how in Jewish tradition, the family gathers together for a meal on a Friday to share together? To light the candles and remember? I never did understand why some traditions were not continued in early Christianity. This is one I think should be reintroduced. We need to focus more, as a society, on thanksgiving rather than on dissatisfaction.

What else.......... My mind is a jumble today. I did mention being mixed up. My car has more old carpets in to take to the allotment later, and cover more of the ground to stop the weeds, and it has crossed my mind that the weight of them by next spring might be outrageous, sodden after winter. Oh well, I can hack them up then I suppose. As long as the weeds die I am happy. Spring is a long way away.
Right....... I think I need more coffee. I will be back.


Morning Glory said...

How lovely to be able to pop over to France to shop. Actually, to be able to shop in England would be heavenly! I love England and have been there several times, but to Paris only twice.

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I, too, will be back to yours. The name "Rocking Chair Reflections" is such a peaceful one.

Margo said...

Hi! My mom, Peggy, was excited to get a message from you on her blog the other day. She's visited yours, but doesn't know how to leave a comment. She's very new to this blogging thing! :-)

Peggy said...

Hi this is Peggy, what a shock to see my daughter Margo blogged you before me, but she is right, I don't know a lot but I enjoyed your blog. God bless

Linds said...

Hi all of you.... thanks so much for popping in to visit my blog!