Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Not much news

Hello. I don't have much to report. This has been a quiet week, but that is good for a change. I have sorted out more stuff, more phone calls, more appointments, and more application forms. It has been fairly autumnal weather, with rain squalls and sun alternating rapidly for the past week or so, and I am still refusing to put on the heating, but am definitely wearing more clothes!

The good news is that I decided to see what I had put away for Christmas (the shops are full of Christmas things, but I am not ready for carols yet) and my lounge has resembled a shop all day. I can, however inform you that I have FINISHED my present shopping. It is the 4th October. Miracles do happen. And everything is wrapped. Smug is good. I took Mum to Podington today for coffee and their Christmas shop is under construction and opens on the 7th October. Maybe I should go and do my Christmas cards now. Oh heavens, I have to do the annual letter and that is not going to be fun. DIANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Or I could just put the blog address in the cards, and then everyone can look up what the year has been like for themselves. Now that is a great idea.
The wooden things are in the prosess of being painted. Mum has been helping as well, which has been good. It was so frustrating at first but then I realised that, with no small brushes, it was impossible to do detail, and it wasn't that I was a total failure. I will show you some of the finished masterpieces when they are done.

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