Saturday, October 28, 2006

This is my 149th post

Maybe I should do one of those 100 things about me for the next one. Hmm. I will see. I don't know if I can THINK of 100 things at the moment.
The weather is foul, and I have been finishing off a lot of the wooden things in the past 2 days, while David has been helping shift furniture for friends. This has been a quiet half-term for him, but I think he has been happy enough. Andrew and Ann are coming up next weekend, which will be great. I haven't seen them since the day before we left for Switzerland.

I have to make a decision about what to do about the hospital in the next couple of days. I got out the files 2 days ago, and got a headache just looking through them. I just want it all to be over. My life is split in two. My natural self is enjoying the creative buzz that making things for other people gives me, and my head is operating at 1000mph at the same time, processing medical matters, consequences and options. Then there is the everyday living to do too, and Mum and David to look out for, never mind constant thoughts of my older 2 children away from home as well. If you walked in now, you would see the creative me, (and the resultant chaos) but the head is something else. What is on the surface gives little indication of the mess inside. And I know people who are struggling with enormous issues, and I want to help but can't do much. So add frustration to the mix. Groan.

David is out watching rugby with Peter at the moment. We went to help unload more furniture for friends (well, he did.... I got to have coffee and chat) and then took the carpets to the allotment. All it needs now is a couch and coffee table.

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