Friday, October 13, 2006

Blog for history

I have just heard on the news that next Tuesday, 17th October, there is a project here in Britain, to get a blogging snapshot of life for history. We are supposed to list all our actions for the day, including text messages, calls, what we ate, did, thought, saw, said. It is supposed to be gathered for future historians many years in the future, to get a real view of life in 2006 in Britain. It should be a fascinating collection. Boring is apparently good too. The fact that our cars are petrol/diesel etc and what petrol costs. (My US friends may get a shock at that one) The price we paid for the things we buy. How far we travel. If we have cordless phones. How we get from A to B. How long, I suppose, the washing machine takes, and what we cook on, never mind what we actually cook. The best way would be to think in terms of how you would explain your day to an alien. Hmmm. I can't find the link, but will get it later tonight when the news is on again, and I am watching. or

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