Thursday, October 12, 2006


That I have not being sitting here all day on the computer. I was on a roll, lining everything up to spray and seal them, and the wretched NEW spray I brought back from Switzerland seized up after the first lot, despite me shaking the can for the required 3 minutes before using it. So the assembly line is looking like the M25 in rush hour. (For those out of the UK, the M25 is the motorway circling London. Avoid at all can be a giant car park.) Tomorrow. One more day is fine.

David and I went down to the allotment this evening to check on the state of the beans and the weeds. Weeds not too bad, thankfully, and the beans...... I have another 3 kgs to freeze. Beans are beginning to pall, I confess. Too much of a good thing perhaps, but I am grateful to have them! This October is on course for being the hottest on record, and so there are still more to come. Geoff would have been so pleased with his efforts, and it is great to see David grinning with pride. He has done really well keeping them watered and looked after.

I had a surprise visit from Lorna, Simon and their little boy, Joel tonight. They walked round with some sticky buns Lorna had made for us. It is not long since they moved to the village, and they are a delight. What a difference friends make to my life. I know I keep saying this, but it is worth repeating. Friends are a real blessing, and MY friends are a special blessing. Making new friends is like adding more jewels to your crown. A collection of friends is the best sort of collection you can gather. They last. Possessions can't laugh or cry with you, and they can't listen or advise. Nor can possessions share a cup of coffee with you. Coffee. I need more. I am in danger of getting too philosophical again, and it is too late at night for that.


Diana Langdon said...

Friends who bake are even better.

Linds said...

Absolutely.... Baking friends are amazing! Daughters who back are also very special. I called you but got the ANSWER phone.

Linds said...


Anonymous said...

your handy work looks amazing!