Monday, October 23, 2006

Autumn is here

And so is the rain, and chilly nights as well. I have the heating on. I confess. So much for waiting till November! The days are flying by, and I have been working on the wooden things all day. And most of yesterday too. Do not ask re the kitchen. It is worse than ever. Please note the sawdust. And doesn't everyone use their sink drainer to stack angels??

Yesterday was cold and very wet, and so working in a cheery place was good. I decided to make more things. Bear in mind that I have NOT finished the last lot yet, but I sawed away happily most of the day and then started painting again. Then sawed more, and then sanded. This will seem very boring I am sure, but it kept me happy, so it is just fine. I am on a roll. My creative streak was interrupted when Pete and Glynis popped in for tea and a chat, which was lovely, and then I took Mum to Jean's for tea as well. Jean is the scone maker. Par excellence. Anyone with a free Sunday afternoon gravitates to her cottage for tea and scones and her wonderful homemade jams. The babes were there and so were Nicky, Bob and Kate, so that was fun.

Today has been more sawing and sanding and painting. All day. It is half-term, so David is home for the week, and that means fighting for time on the computer, but I am mother, so I generally win!

5 more things to be thankful for today:
  1. Being there to help when friends are struggling
  2. 2 hour chats to number one son
  3. Hugs from the babes
  4. A warm dry home
  5. Knowing I am not alone

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