Saturday, October 21, 2006

An ordinary day

Today I have:

  1. Been to the post office
  2. Bought some freshly baked bread
  3. Spent 45 mins talking to different people I bumped into in the village
  4. Washed my hair
  5. Painted more wooden things
  6. Stacked the dishwasher
  7. Sanded more wooden things
  8. Mopped out the fridge
  9. Cut out more wooden things ( I am crazy)
  10. Had too many cups of coffee to count
  11. Cleaned the bathrooms
  12. Cleaned the bannisters
  13. Had a visit from the babes and Jackie and Simon for tea
  14. Spoken to my cousin and family in South Africa on Skype
  15. Spoken to my sister in Switzerland
  16. Watched Strictly Come Dancing
  17. Cooked supper for David and Mum
  18. Dropped one of David's friends here for the evening
  19. Been out for dinner with friends to plan a 50th party
  20. Read emails and blogs

I have not:

  1. Returned the calls I was supposed to return
  2. Done the washing
  3. Finished the woodwork
  4. Finished the sewing
  5. Tidied the house
  6. Done anything exciting
  7. Pruned the roses
  8. Checked the allotment
  9. Sorted any more cupboards
  10. Finished reading my book

An ordinary day. Things can wait till tomorrow. It works for me.

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