Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Waiting game

The gas man was supposed to come today to service the boiler. He did not come. He called to say he would be here tomorrow, and that was after we sat in for 6 hours waiting for his arrival. And he had better arrive early. I don't know if it is just this family, or more specifically this boiler, but whenever it has its annual service, it collapses 3 days later, after working perfectly up till then. Watch this space. We will see. Last year it sounded as though a tank was sitting on the landing after it was checked. I do believe that it is the dust that holds it all together, and when it is cleaned, it falls apart. Sigh.

I have just been to our house group tonight, and we really have come a long way since we began meeting earlier this year. Initially, there was a little hesitation about discussing things more personal, and now that we are getting to know each other well, the barriers are coming down, and some of the things said are incredibly perceptive. We are going to have "clearness committees"..... when any of us have a dilemma we are wrestling with, we can ask for at least 3 girls to help us clear in our minds what is the right course to take, if we want to. Different eyes see things we might miss. And being accountable for each other is also something that is becoming easier. Ultimately we all make our own choices, but it will be with second, third and fourth perspectives too. It is great to get home and feel as though I have learnt so much from everyone there.

Woodwork continues, and I have some new ideas too to try out. But not before this lot are finally finished and packed away. I really need my kitchen back. I am sick of the chaos. And sawdust. But it is really satisfying to look at all the finished pieces!

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