Sunday, October 28, 2012

31: Creating, creation...........

It took a while, but just look at the lovely trees at the top of the road!I walked round the corner yesterday with my camera, because we are due to have strong winds and arctic temps this weekend, and I know all the leaves will be gone in a flash. Oh, how I love the colours!

Just SO beautiful. And I want to focus on something beautiful in this moment, because today is the day the hospitals have to respond to my case. I have just had a call from the lawyers to say the response crash landed on their desk with 51 minutes to spare from the deadline set by the judge. They will speak to me next week when they have had time to assess it all. So many prayers would be a huge blessing for me, if you are so inclined. (I wrote this on Friday and then forgot to post it! )

I was so tempted to kick the leaves and make them swirl around, but they looked like a golden carpet, and I just let my eyes drink it all in.

Each leaf has its own story. 


I wonder what it is. Was. 

Isn't this tapestry that nature created here for me to see an example of what one day we will see? All our lives, so individual, a part of the plan God has? Every unique leaf, every single person, part of a divine plan? I have this vision of a huge patchwork quilt, or a tapestry, or a puzzle, with every stitch made by different people, and individually not very special, but together, something of unspeakable beauty. Something which will take our breath away. One day. We will all slot into our assigned places. 

I am so curious, though. 

A Creator made the heavens and the earth. The ultimate example of creativity. The Father of all Creation. 

How can anyone beat that? 

I created life when I gave birth to my three children. Well, not me alone, of course, but I gave birth to my sons and daughter. I carried them for 9 months. And in their births, I survived the pain (without meds or epidurals in those days)(there was much breathing and walking)(and muttering), and out of that pain came the greatest joys of my life.  I have loved and cherished them. I guided and supported them. And then I watched them fly. I still watch. My greatest creations. How could a quilt or anything my hands put together compare to something which was knitted together inside my body? Miracles. 3 of them. 

And each of them takes their place somewhere in that tapestry the Creator is working on as I speak.

When you start thinking about creating something, it is amazing where your thoughts wander, isn't it?


Needled Mom said...

I will be saying prayers for you, Linds. I hope things turn out well, but I do know that sadly it doesn't change the outcome - unfortunately.

The leaves are just glorious! What a Creator we have!!!!

Crystal said...

The leaves are absolutely beautiful! We are in to winter it seems with -10 C at night and not getting above zero during the days. We haven't turned the clocks back yet - I think perhaps next weekend. Children are indeed amazing creations - little miracles for sure! Thinking of you and sending extra prayers, my friend.