Tuesday, October 09, 2012

31 Days of Creativity - a highly unsatisfactory post......


A little sunshine makes a huge difference to my lounge - I love the way the autumn colours seem to glow. I snapped this en route to the sewing room after my aquarobics debacle this morning. Our normal (wonderful) teacher, Debbie, is on her honeymoon at the moment, and she needs to come back asap. The gym was supposed to sort cover for the class today. They failed to do this, and after 15 minutes of a pool full of women jogging on the spot to keep warm in the water, they finally got someone from the gym floor to come and take the class. The poor child (she was very young), had no chance to prepare or work things out. So it was a disaster. The lifeguard was demonstrating steps we usually do at the other end of the pool behind out backs to give her some sort of idea. But there were many very unhappy people about. And I really feel so sorry for those who were new. Heaven knows if they will ever try an aqua class again.

So I came home, and headed for the sewing room, to work on some Christmas projects. I can't show you yet, because they are gifts. So a fat lot of good it is to post for 31 days on creativity and then say, hey, I am being creative, but I can't show you.


I will have to endeavour to improve the quality of these posts. Maybe tomorrow. I have just been sewing in all the ends of the latest ripple this evening, in front of the TV. See? More creativity of sorts.

I had to take this photo to show you the wonderful scissors I use for the embroidery machine. Actually, I use them for sewing at all the machines. Any machine. Yes, they are shaped in an arc, and it is superb, because it means I can slide them under the foot and cut thread close to the stitches. This is especially important with the embroidery, where I have to get short linking threads cut, and ordinary scissors are just too bulky. I got these a good few years ago from the sewing machine shop in our town. Genius. I love them.

And on that highly fascinating note, I am off to replenish the coffee and finish the sewing in of ends. I will be back tomorrow...........


PEA said...

Love the look of your lounge! We had sunshine most of the day but the winds have been very blustery...was putting away my patio furniture, garden decorations, faeries, etc and thought I was going to get blown away! lol Oh well, at least it's all done now.

Awww poor girl, so unfair that they asked her to teach the aquatics class when she had no clue about what exercises to do. Talk about putting someone on the spot!

Very cool scissors and I can see why they would be perfect to use with the embroidery machine! xoxo

Vee said...

Oh my! I have been looking for what I call an off-set pair of scissors. That looks as if it might work for what I want. I'll take anything that I can find. Proper tools make life easier.

I made a potholder today. I'm sure that you did better than that!

Hope that your aqua instructor will be back soon. It's too bad that the facility didn't have plans in place.

Sandra said...

Love your lounge, it's so pretty :)

And those are great scissors for sewing.

Cait O'Connor said...

The lounge does look lovely.