Sunday, October 21, 2012

31: Hearts tutorial..........

Making little hearts which can be filled with pot pourri, or lavender, or wadding, is super easy, and they are great gifts. And they will look lovely on your tree too. They use so little fabric, that you can zap up a few from your scraps. 

Make a heart template. Remember, I suggested you draw a vertical straight line, and do half a heart. Cut out the half, fold it over along the centre line, and cut round the edge. Voila. A heart. Then, using any pen (because you are going to cut away the edge anyway), trace your hearts.
Cut out the hearts. Well of course you cut them out, but what else could I say about this photo?

Ignore the embroidered word, because I used the embroidery machine, or you could hand embroider words you choose, of course. Stitch around the heart, leaving the top open. For stuffing. If you look closely, you can see where I stopped and started.

Unearth your ribbon. I ran out, so made a trip to the local craft warehouse, which is only open over weekends. Oh, my sainted aunt. The temptation to blow a hole in the ailing credit card was immense, but I resisted. I did discover that, not only do you automatically get a 10% discount, but, because my loyalty card was full, I got a £5 reduction. EUREKA. I nearly headed straight back in to spend what I saved but I didn't. Be proud. I did head on over to the sewing machine shop for extra bobbins, and had to walk past the new gigantic sewing machines which need a room of their own. I drooled over the over lockers (sergers) and new embroidery machines, chatted at length to the owner about starter machines - they had one with pink flowers which was super cute - and left with 6 bobbins. I need a louder cheer please for my restraint. It is uncharacteristic.
Then you go to a monstrous bag of stuffing and take out a little bit, fill your heart, stitch it closed and trim the edges. I couldn't believe the size of the packet. The last time I bought any, the bag was half the size and half the price. The new bag will last a decade or so, unless I decide to make a duvet. That will not be happening.


Get out your pinking shears and trim the edge. Stitch a loop of ribbon in the centre, and tie a bow.

And then I usually package them in Swiss cellophane bags. That would be because I go to Switzerland. But any clear bag would do. Cute, aren't they? And there you are. Hearts made and packed. Now I will have to think of another easy tutorial because they are fun to do!Have fun making some, and let me know if you do!

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Vee said...

Wish I had a machine that would do some embroidery for me. Those are sweet and beautifully packaged.