Monday, October 15, 2012

31: idle chatter today, I am afraid..........

I was creative today. I spent the morning trying all the ideas on the pot which had a base looking like tar. It is almost clean. And then I went to aqua, and our teacher, Debbie, is back from her Mexican honeymoon, and we all nearly expired in the class. It is a reminder of how good she is, and how much we go into a decline when she is not there. More tomorrow.

And I have been with the dogs for the rest of the day. My friends are soaring into the air as I speak, and I hope they have a spectacular holiday and a good rest. They are heading for the sun, while we head into autumn/winter. The sun might need an ID card when and if it shows up in strength here again.

Speaking of autumn, some of the trees are starting to change colour around here, and I was creative - I took the camera and took photos but I can't download them at the moment, so they will wait till tomorrow. The roads have leaves starting to pile up on the verges, and it looks wonderful when the sun shines. Not so great when it rains!

There has been much cutting out of little hearts going on here as well. I will take photos to show you all tomorrow. Tomorrow is starting to sound busy. Aqua, photos, hearts, sewing, dogs, life...........

Short and sweet today, I am afraid, but I had to post something to keep the 31 days of prattle going. I am interpreting the word "creativity" creatively. Hahahaha.

Right. See you all tomorrow!

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