Sunday, October 21, 2012

31: New rules for me...............

I am here. Briefly. The dogs have taken to relieving themselves in the house when I am out. Relieving themselves of the poo kind. Sigh. But they are lovely and have big brown eyes and we will survive. I really don't mind, but so help me, I try very hard to avoid the scooping. It doesn't matter if they have had walks or been outside. The instant I walk out the door it happens. I think they are making a statement. Hah. 


So I come home, sort piles of flags, put the tape measure out in the length required, arrange the flags, iron the binding and race back to check on bowel movement. Back again, fire up the sewing machine, making one strand and depart again. 

I need coffee. 

See? Is it any wonder? Then I fall asleep on the sofa like an old worn out person. With dogs snuggling happily.

My daughter gave me the coffee mug. I love it. I now sign all emails or text messages, MDS.

Autumn colours are slowly happening around the village. Can you see the 1000+ year old tower through the trees?
This is what I love. Leaves on the path, for children to kick about. Nothing says autumn more than piles of golden leaves......

I thought I would show you this. It is at the bottom of the steps to the church, in the Square. Isn't it a wonderful sentiment?

So, yesterday, I managed to upload photos for 3 posts. This is #1. And who said the 31 Days had to be consecutive? I have just established new rules which suit me. Insert cheesy grin. It is just as well I didn't link to the Nester, or I would have been drummed off the page by now.

I will now attempt post #2 before I make another dash on the poop patrol.

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Vee said...

I wondered what in the world was going on. No posts and then suddenly lots of posts. Lovely autumn, lovely projects, terrific mug. I do want to see photos of your groom shorn. (I was in a wedding once...the maid of honor not the bride...when the bride received word that her groom had been in an accident the night before and would be arriving at the wedding without any front teeth. That rather put a crimp on the wedding photos as I recall.)

Pooing dogs? Oh dear. I well know the story of the poo minefields. Happy stepping! < insert cheesy grin > Twice. Ha!