Friday, October 19, 2012

What 31 days of creativity, you may ask...............

Yes, yes, I know - I am 4 days behind already and this IS NOT THE WAY IT SHOULD BE, I know. I know. I am trying to catch up with myself, so it will be 5 days tomorrow. Groan. The writing muse is AWOL.

But there has been a great deal of creativity around here, believe me, only I can't show you most of it because they are presents, and all my friends appear to read the blawg, if messages I am getting about "Hey, what happened to the creativity posts" is anything to go by.


I can tell you that, I made 3 apple cakes and froze them yesterday. The last of the apples are now cooked. The pot is now clean, you will be happy to know.

What else....

I am perpetually covered in mud, because it keeps raining, and the dogs like me.

My hair is not straight. It looks like an afro gone wonky, but I am beyond caring. The rain, people.

I fell asleep on the couch 2 nights ago, and woke at 2.30am. The other 2 couches were occupied by Humph and Dougal, sleeping in bliss, on their backs, legs in the air. They did not appreciate being sent to their baskets at 2.35am.

I have no idea where today has gone.

I will be back.

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